Are you looking for ways to give your bathroom a sleek design? You are finally home because under-mount sinks are your long-searched solution. Homeowners are becoming more creative with bathroom elements, from flooring options, tub ideas, window designs, and let’s not forget the sinks. Drop-in sinks have some competition because undermount sinks are getting ready to shine.  But what do we know about the new sinks in town? Here we will go through a set of pros and cons of installing undermount sinks in your bathroom, and you can make your choice at the end. After all, your bathroom, your rules!

The Yays

1. Unique Design

No one wants to spend a substantial amount of money to revamp only for their final reveal to look like someone else’s. Undermount sinks are a territory that not many in the remodeling world have embraced, so why not use this to your advantage? Their sleek design is unique and creates a continuous flow integrated perfectly in a modern bathroom. 

2. Save On Space

There’s no arguing that bathroom space is invaluable, and homeowners can use all the space they can get. Undermount sinks are very effective, taking up almost no space during installation. These sinks allow you to save up on counter space so talk to your remodeler about coming up with creative storage space for items. You can also add a mirror which would work perfectly in boosting your design and utility of the bathroom. 

3. Elevated Home Value

People in the remodeling world remodel their bathrooms for two main reasons: personal satisfaction and resale. If yours is the latter, we have news for you, under-mount sinks are a winner. The beautiful design will make your bathroom more appealing to potential buyers, thus increasing the resale’s overall home value. 

4. Easy Cleaning

The design of under-mount sinks is manufactured to be continuous and sleek design without much going on. These sinks’ uncomplicated features are easy to clean because they do not have a lip where dirt gets stuck. You can go with a material like stainless steel, which is also easy to clean, so you can keep your sink clean with a simple wipe down. 

5. Versatility At Its Best 

The last thing to expect with undermount sinks is a boring bathroom style. The versatility in design, hues, and sink features ensures that. Since they come in different stylistic features and you can always explore sink colors that complement your space. 

The Nays

1. Limited Faucets Options

If you choose to go with an undermount sink for your remodel, be prepared for the reality, you will have limited faucet options. A deck-mounted faucet is most likely more practical where your bathroom remodeler will have to drill holes on the countertop to accommodate it. 

2. More Pricey

Because undermount sinks are difficult to install, going at the project solo without contracting skills will prove difficult. You will have to bring in the big guns by hiring a bathroom remodeler, which means adding to your bathroom revamp budget. When you compare the price of getting one to that of the drop-in sink, you will find it is more costly to purchase. 

 This article should lay out all the roses and thorns that come with choosing to add undermount sinks to your remodeling plan. We understand remodeling can take a toll on you, and we hope this information will be helpful. You can also call on to our contracting team to assist. Receive a quote for the expense, and let us take the first step to a successful bathroom remodel.