Do you have plans to upgrade your home windows? The living room, check; the bathroom, check; the kitchen, check. But aren’t you forgetting one essential room? Many homeowners barely think about what to go with for their bedroom windows, forgetting they are just as crucial as other windows in the home. 

Choosing the right replacement window for your bedroom is about finding a balance between form and function. While design and the aesthetics of your window are a factor to consider, practicality is also crucial. A stylish window is just for show if it doesn’t allow ample ventilation, offer security and natural lighting. So what windows are the best choice for your bedroom? These are the top three window designs you should consider for your replacement. 

1. Double-Hung Windows

Comfort in the bedroom is not something to overlook, and this window design ensures your space remains nice and warm with the added insulation. Double-hung windows are probably the easiest windows to clean, and this makes maintaining them even less overbearing. Because the windows do not open all the way through, you can control the air entering the room; most importantly, you do not have to worry about safety when installing them in kid’s rooms because the latches offer protection. 

2. Casement Windows

Talk about ventilation and energy efficiency all wrapped into one. That is what homeowners are signing up for when choosing casement windows for their replacement. These windows are hinged, meaning the sash presses against the frame tightly when closing them. The airtight seal ensures no air escapes outdoors, and none is coming in. Without heat loss, you can conserve the energy in the bedroom. With the hinged design, these windows open all the way, meaning there is sufficient opening to enter and circulate the room; you can use the crack to determine how far you like to open it. When it comes to cleaning casement windows, indoor access to the sash and glass area requires little effort thus, cleaning made easy. 

3. Bay And Bow Windows

Are you looking to take your bedroom aesthetics and those of your house several notches higher? Bay and bow windows are the answers to your prayers. Created by mulling three windows together, these windows’ external and internal appeasement will elevate your home’s look. Also, can we talk about the natural light and fresh air needed in the bedroom? Thanks to bay and bow windows you can vross these off your requirements checklist. Guess what? Their design offers extra space allowing for the installation of a reading nook in the bedroom.

If you have been wracking your brain for the better part of the window replacement project, wondering what design to settle for your bedroom, you can stop. The windows mentioned above are the best choices, so weigh on each one and decide on the most suitable one for you. Whenever you are ready to remodel, reach out, and we will find you a qualified installer to take on the task and give your bedroom a glow-up with new windows.