Small kitchens are a reality for many homeowners; however, they should never stand in the way of your kitchen remodeling dreams. When revamping small kitchens, it is less about how much space you have and more of what you do with it. So how do you manage remodeling a small kitchen space? Let’s give a quick overview of designs you can incorporate in your small kitchen remodel.

1. Galley Kitchen Idea

If you are wondering how to fit things in a small kitchen, the galley kitchen idea will work perfectly if done correctly. Not only is it functional, but it will also allow you to create enough workspace. Talk to your remodeler about building custom cabinets above your cooking area, where you can store your kitchen appliances. The point is to make the most out of the floor-to-ceiling space on both walls.

2. Keep The Color Simple

Light tones may seem like an obvious choice when it comes to picking the right color for your small kitchen. While simple hues will keep the space feeling open, and the good news is you can still add some pop of color to bring a sense of drama in the area. Including an exposed brick or wall tiling to the kitchen wall add some texture and balance out light colors’ simplicity.

3. Islands For The Win

Contrary to common misconception, adding an island to a small kitchen is possible. As long as you are smart about it, you can get the island and maximize your kitchen by adding extra storage. A professional contractor can walk you through portable island designs you can move around if needed.

4. Get Pull Out Work Space

Are you remodeling your kitchen and thinking of boosting your workspace? You now have your answer. Pull-out countertops are highly functional and convenient, more so with small kitchen designs. They can act as prep stations or chopping boards, and you can easily store them away after use.

5. Keep It Light

We all can’t have the large spacious kitchens, so we are left to work with what we have. How do you ensure the space you have does not feel cramped? Adding a window or skylight would be the perfect way to introduce natural light into your kitchen. More light will give your kitchen an illusion of space which is gold for any small kitchen homeowner.

6. Smart Storage

If you are planning a small kitchen remodel, you must have stumbled on smart storage ideas. Anyone with a limiting cooking area can attest that storage is a pain. Talk to your kitchen contractor about coming up with a practical storage system that is also discreet. From deep cabinetry, floating open shelves to multilayered drawers. You may have to top up some extra coins to get them installed, but for the sake of ample kitchen space, the investment is worth it!

Having a small cooking area doesn’t have to crush your vision of the ultimate kitchen remodel. Use these designs as a roadmap to get you there and hire a contractor to help you through it. Our remodeling team is ready to answer any questions and give you insight into what is best for your kitchen. With a quote, you can begin planning the small kitchen remodel you have always wanted.