Have you ever turned abruptly in the bathroom and hit your head on a cabinet? Or bumped your foot while leaving the shower? Confined bathrooms are a cause for many sour mornings. Don’t you think it’s time to put down your foot and say enough of the cramped bathroom! A remodel would be an excellent opportunity to maximize your bathroom space. The following are some tips that will not only give your bathroom an optical illusion but also make it feel less cramped and uncomfortable.

1. Floor To Ceiling Tiles, Maybe?

Tiles have a double-effect in the bathroom; thus, it would be a great addition to your walls. You can have our contractor install tiles diagonally from the floor to the ceiling. They would help stretch out the room and make it appear larger. When purchasing the tiles, go for larger ones. They’ll give the room a greater sense of spaciousness.

2. Use Doors For Storage

Have you ever thought of adding racks or hooks to your doors to hang towels and other items? Doors are a hidden gem for storage space, so homeowners need to use them to their advantage. During the remodel, you can ask the contractor to construct a pouch on the door, and you will be surprised by the space you will gain.

3. Install Glass Doors

If going doorless is not an option for you, clear glass will have the same effect. Apart from opening up the shower area, it will also act as a barrier preventing water from splashing to other bathroom areas.

4. Keep It Simple

Are you remodeling a small bathroom? Try keeping things simple. A simplistic style will give your bathroom a spacious feel than when a lot is going on. Going for lighter colors rather than dull will give the room a more stretched-out feel and appearance.

5. Switch Windows For Skylights

Where you see window placement, we see extra storage space. Any professional remodeler can tell you windows play a minor role in the aesthetic of a bathroom. Why not get skylights instead? They’ll save you space while doubling the amount of light entering the room. A pro tip would be to get cabinets or shelves where the window would be.

6. Floating Sinks Do The Trick

Mounting the sink to the wall will go a long way to free up floor space in the bathroom. While making the room feel spacious, this tip will also provide you with additional space that you can use.

A small bathroom should never be the reason for you not to maximize space during the remodeling. These are some inside tips into how homeowners can make their bathrooms more spacious with a few tweaks. Provide us with the details of the changes you want to be made, and we will send you a quote for the services. Our contractors will work with you to ensure the remodel is completed to your satisfaction.