The kitchen faucet is one element in the kitchen that many homeowners take for granted. They may put it down in their kitchen remodeling checklist but rarely do they consider getting the perfect faucet for their kitchen. To be fair, many of them are clueless about the faucet. Choosing the right faucet can be overwhelming, from choosing the design, finishing to determining the functionality best for you. The type of faucet will determine the water flow and ease of use, so always take time to explore the different options before making your choice. To make it easier for you to figure out your remodeling goal , here is a list of the main types of faucets for the kitchen remodel.

1. Pull-down Kitchen Faucets

This is the most basic faucet and easiest to use. It uses a spray wound that is curved downward to the sink, making it easy to clean-up. The pull-down faucet is the most commonly used in homes because it allows control of the water splashes when cleaning.

2. Pull-out Style Faucet

Although similar to the pull-down faucet, the two still have some differences. Instead of a faucet hand, this model has a detachable handle that offers a better grip. It also has a body that works in a straight line giving one 360-degree control of water flow.

3. Single Handle Design Tap

This faucet operates with a single lever that works both up and down and left to right. To control the water pressure, you can pull the lever either up or down, whereas the water temperature can be controlled by turning the lever left or right. It also works well with both the pull-down and pull-out tap. Pointer tip: You may have to give the water some time to adjust to your desired temperature once you tune the lever.

4. Double Handle Design Faucet

The difference between this and the single-handle faucet is the number of levers. The dual handle faucet has two levers, each for different water temperatures, one cool, the other warm. These two faucets are installed a few meters apart, making them perfect when you consider the kitchen’s efficiency.

5. The Motion Detection Tap Model

We can thank technology for the birth of this type of faucet because let’s be honest, it has changed life for many homeowners. You can now activate your water flow by placing your hand on the sensor. Your kitchen contractor will install a lever at the base, which you can adjust to change the water temperature. This faucet is perfect if you have people with limited mobility, and most importantly, it cuts down the spread of germs because you do not have to touch the tap to get water flowing.

Using this article, homeowners can change the narrative of kitchen faucets being overlooked in the remodeling process. Making changes to your kitchen does not have to be big; minor upgrades like a new faucet can make a big difference in the space. It is time you stop sleeping on the impact of taps in the cooking area and call us up for an installation. Our contracting team will offer you a quote, and we can proceed with the redesign.