A bathroom is a sanctuary in the home. More than that, it can be a selling point for homeowners considering a resale. If you want to maximize your asking price, an update is necessary. So homeowners can choose to either remodel their kitchen or bathroom. On average, a small kitchen remodel would cost thrice as much as a bathroom remodel. It is why many homeowners trying to keep their spending at a minimum choose to remodel bathrooms.

Bathroom remodels can be a selling power for your home. However, you need to know where to cut costs, what upgrades to make, and equip yourself with tips that will help you make calculated remodeling decisions. Sounds like a lot of work? We have you covered; with this guide, you should incorporate remodeling ideas that will pay off big during the resale. Read on and take notes on how to make your bathroom a seller to potential buyers. 

1. Establish A Budget

A budget is like a remodeling bible; thus, it is essential to create one at the beginning. Generally, a bathroom remodeling can range anywhere from $10,000-$30,000, depending on the extent of your upgrades. However, resale budgeting is twice as stressful because while you want to elevate the space’s aesthetics, you also want to maximize your returns through the sale. Before budgeting, you need to sit down with a real estate professional in your area and a bathroom remodeler. A contractor will give you a breakdown of the updates that maximize your returns with minimum expenses. Simultaneously, the real estate professional will advise you on the upgrades with the highest selling points.

 2. Neutral Will Save You Headaches

If you have to take away anything from resale experience people have different tastes. In this case, it may be challenging to pick a backsplash that all potential buyers love. How do you decide? It is easy; go neutral. Neutral colors will save you the headache of deciding what is on trends or, worse having to predict what people you have never met like.

3. Repair Where You Can 

Updating your bathroom is not always about tearing down all features in your bathroom, instead of making a few changes to refresh the space. Completely gutting your bathroom when a simple repair will do may not be an economical option, especially when you have a resale in mind. Remember, your bathroom can look new without every item being new. Always ask yourself whether a repair will provide you the same aesthetic as a replacement. There you have your answer! 

4. Install Handy Storage

Would you willing to pay top price for a place where the bathroom space feels cramped? If the answer is no, then this means neither will your buyers. A great bathroom remodel is just as much as functional, and it is stylish. Modern bathroom remodels take storage seriously, and so should you if you are planning a resale. Homeowners are finding smart ways to create additional space in their bathrooms. You can talk to your remodeler about installing larger cabinets or adding storage near the tubs and vanities. 

5. Spend Where Buyers Will See

Homebuyers always know at first glance whether a home is worthwhile. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to wow them within the first few minutes. How do you do this? By spending your money where buyers will see it. Don’t get us wrong, the updated plumbing and electrical lines all matter, but so do aesthetics. A bathroom that looks good will most likely sell itself. The elegant fixtures, updated tiling, and fresh paint will create a lasting impression with potential buyers. 

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