Have you always wanted to make the switch to vinyl windows but something keeps holding you back? Replacing your windows is an investment that many homeowners are getting into, so it makes sense to consider your option. Vinyl has been popular for being a suitable choice for windows replacement. However, some people still have understandable questions.

Below are answers compiled for the common questions people ask about replacing vinyl windows. We hope they get you through the window reinstallation process as smoothly as possible. 

1. When Is The Best Time For A Replacement With Vinyl Windows?

Would you believe us when we say, any time? There is no better time to replace your vinyl windows other than when you need to. All you need is the plan properly, purchase materials for the reinstallation and get manpower.

2. Should I Do The Reinstallation For My Vinyl Windows?

There is a lot of debate about whether window reinstallation is something homeowners should take on alone. Suppose you have the skills to take out the old windows and replace with the new than by all means. However, if your skills do not go beyond being ‘handy,’ hire a professional contractor to do the replacement.

3. Can I Find Different Color And Style For Vinyl Windows?

When it comes to vinyl replacement windows, you will never run out of designs and color to explore for the remodel. Finding the perfect match for your home should be the least of your worries because with vinyl you have a wide range of styles and colors to choose from. If you have a design pinned in your ideas board, you can ask a professional to customize the window to meet your needs.

4. Do Vinyl Windows Require Special Treatment For Maintenance?

Vinyl Windows is as low maintenance as they come; that is why they are the perfect replacement choice. Apart from the regular cleaning with soap and water, there is not much treatment that vinyl windows need. The best part is you do not have to worry about the frame rotting due to the water. As long as the window tracks are kept clean, and hardware is lubricated, your cleaning routine is complete.

5. Are Vinyl Windows Better Than Wood Windows?

The answer to this question is subjective, depending on the homeowner’s needs. The fact that wood has been around the block for decades it has its advantages. With proper upkeep, it could serve you for at least 30 years. But when you compare it to vinyl is more durable and requires very attention to stay in good condition. It’s for you to decide!

If vinyl windows replacement is something you have considered, we understand you have questions. These are some questions many homeowners have asked before making a move to vinyl. If there are any more inquiries about window replacement, contact our contracting company. We will put your mind at ease with answers and even provide you with a quote for how much it would cost to reinstall vinyl windows for the remodel.