To grille! You have finally decided to enhance the beauty of your home with window grilles. As we know, window replacement is much more than a functional home improvement project; it also elevates the look and feels of your home. Grilles offer that decorative aspect that makes your home visually appealing and increases your home value. There are various styles and patterns to choose from, so the process is sometimes overwhelming. With this piece, we can provide you insight to make a better decision for your home with either top three window grille styles. 


1. Prairie Grid Window 

If you choose casement windows for your replacement, this grid style is a winner. It comprises nine unequal glass window panes; this style is popular with homeowners who crave a less obstructed view. With the four small square panes in the corner, four rectangular edge panes, and the large square centered abe, plenty of natural light will enter the home, giving the rooms a spacious feel. 


2. Craftsmans Grille Window

It is no secret that the obstructed view is one of the reasons homeowners pass on grilles. Influenced mainly by the prairie grid style, you can keep the view and the grilles with the craftsman’s windows. Because this style only uses grids on the top sash, the bottom will be unobstructed, giving you access to the scenic views of your property. Using 4 or 6 grilles works best with double-hung windows and can integrate perfectly into a modern home that needs that traditional architectural touch.  


3. Colonial Grid Window 

If you are a traditional or contemporary homeowner going back and forth on which style to get, the colonial grid is an excellent choice. The grids on this window style are the same on both sashes, with typically six over six or nine over nine grilles diving each sash. You could have a single pane glass on the bottom half of the window. The windows open either top-down or bottom-up; you can communicate your preference with your window replacement expert. 

Final Thoughts 

Grilles are not confined to traditional homes, which means more homeowners can embrace the visual appeal grids injected in their windows. But what to choose? These are the top styles homeowners who decide to grid their windows lean towards. With a window installation expert, the decision of which grilles is made easy. Complete your quote for an estimate of what the visual upgrade will cost.