Replacing your windows can improve the overall look of your home. But like everything, it’s never that easy. There are surprising many myths surrounding window replacement in the home. Some of these misconceptions have led homeowners to a poor decision-making path that costs them money.

It is time to nip these misconceptions in the bud and help homeowners make more informed decisions when buying and reinstalling new windows. Here are the most common myths about replacing your windows.

Replacement In The Winter Is A No-No

Many mistruths have discouraged homeowners from reinstalling their windows during winter. Contrary to the assumption, winter is a strategically good time to get new windows for your home. Why? Because it is low season, you can get a sweet deal out of getting windows customized and installed at a subsidized rate. Additionally, this is a perfect time to plan for a replacement because you do not have to rush to hire. You can vet the window installer until you find out the most competent to deliver to your expectations.

2.Wood Is The Best Choice

The misconception that window frames made from wood are the best for replacement has caused many homeowners to regret it. The Windows market had come too far from the days when wood was the go-to for reinstallation. When you think of it, there are other choices than wood that are more cost-efficient and durable. This myth has led to homeowners overlooking great options like vinyl replacement windows. Durability, water resistance, low maintenance cost, and ability to stand exposure to natural elements are some of the features that make vinyl superior to wood.

3. Energy Efficiency Doesn’t Count

If we got a penny for every time we heard someone say this! The truth is it makes all the difference in your energy savings costs. Energy-efficient windows are specifically designed to minimize energy loss through the windows. Thanks to the inert gases added between the panes, these windows improve insulation. Also, when you look at how the Low-E coating on these windows and how they protect furniture from UV damage, this assumption proves to be a myth.

When you are ready to switch to new replacement windows, it is important to do your homework. The guide above will help you stay ahead of some of these mis-truths. Consulting with an experienced window installer will also clarify the confusion of what is true or false in the window replacement department. Give us a call for reinstallation charges for your window and get acquitted with an expert on our team.