Why so much hype about plywood? Plywood is more than a material we pick up at the store to get done with the remodeling. It is classic, timeless and stylish. We do not stay this lightly because we have seen how plywood transformed a kitchen area that was a sore sight into a remarkable space. The versatility of plywood makes it easy to integrate into different interior styles. 

Kitchen styles are endless; from the simplistic to the bold designs, one can opt for their remodeling. It can, however, be overwhelming to sift through the many kitchen designs to find which one is ideal for pairing with plywood. To streamline the process, we have highlighted our favorite styles in this piece.

1. Industrial/Loft Style

An industrial kitchen design allows homeowners to pay homage to the building’s structure, which brings some edge to the cooking area. Exposing beautifully layered plywood on one wall of the kitchen will be the perfect interior décor that works magic for industrial kitchen designs. Some detail of steel designs would pair nicely with the cabinets tying up the sleek look. 

2. Scandinavian  Design

The simplicity of the Scandinavian style works well with plywood. Some touches of blond plywood interior can be added to the minimalistic design to make a sizable impact. Pops of wood inject warmth into the kitchen; thus, you can use plywood cabinets or countertops to add to the kitchen’s visual appeal and pair them with rustic and luxurious elements like copper handles. 

3. Contemporary Style

Are you looking for ways to push boundaries in your kitchen style? The aesthetics of plywood can be a great contrast to add to your contemporary interiors. If you want to effectively balance out your sleek tile backsplash or natural stone countertop, a structure wall made of plywood will be a perfect addition. 

Are you at crossroads about what style you can integrate with plywood in your kitchen? Hopefully, this article will offer you some perspective. The three are our most recommended styles that combine well with plywood exhibiting a sleek look in your kitchen. Whether you want to add plywood to your kitchen cabinets, countertops, or accent, you can ask our remodeling team for help. We will make your remodeling dreams come true by ensuring revamp meets your vision.