Have you ever desired that liner effect in the kitchen uninterrupted by poking handles and knobs? You can now quickly get it by going with handleless kitchen designs for your next kitchen remodel. Homeowners are choosing to upscale their kitchens with the sleek minimalist design. With no hanging handles to the cabinetry, this style presents an uncluttered look and is perfect if you want that elegant yet laid back look for your kitchen.

You have decided to go handleless in your kitchen remodel; what design variation do you implement? There are several features designs you can go with to replace the handles you once had on your cabinetry. However, you will need the help of an expert to install them. The following are the top three design features you can integrate into your kitchen remodel.

1. J-pull Design

With this design, the kitchen contractor will incorporate a handle into the cabinet or drawer. The handle is curved in J-shape and built into the drawers; thus, it is not visible from the outside. Homeowners can easily open and close the cupboard by hooking the lie fingers into the handle and open the cabinet.

2. Deep Reverse Bevels

Also known are the grip ledge style; deep reverse bevels have no inbuilt handle but a rail between drawers where one can grip and pull to open the cabinetry. Depending on your preference, you can ask your kitchen remodeler to place the railing at the top or side of the cabinets; also, choose a color that coordinates your kitchen style.

3. Touch To Open Design

Remember when opening low cabinets or those that are too high was a chore? Well, not anymore. With a light touch to the cabinet panel, you can easily pop open a cupboard that once took several minutes to get to. This design is sleek and, despite being minimalist, allows exploration of multiple colors and finishings.

There are a variety of design features homeowners can explore when they choose to go handleless. Above are the top three most commonly used in kitchen remodeling to give you a jump start of the selection process. Once you have made your choice, contact our contracting company for installation. Our professional remodelers cater to all kitchen revamps, and they will hold your hand through the remodeling project. With a quote from us, you can set on planning a kitchen remodel of your dreams.