Even something as small as your window can define the style of your home. For this reason, homeowners have done their best to grace their homes with suitable windows. Window replacement projects prove just how far homeowners are willing to go to elevate their curb appeal. While drafty and broken windows are reasons to get new windows, aesthetics also play a part in refreshing the windows’ look. 

When glass windows were first introduced, homeowners did not have much say on whether to grill or not to grill. Back then, glass was too fragile and could only be shipped in small sections. Grilles came in to hold together multi-paned windows and offer support during installation.

Today the option to get grids or pass up the choice is solely based on aesthetic purposes. This in no way means their popularity among homeowners has faded. Grill windows are still an option for homeowners looking to complete their classical look or bring a nostalgic look into their modern home. 


Guidelines for When Choosing Window Grille 

Grilles or no grilles is a constant debate for homeowners settling for style for their replacement windows. Hopefully, with these guidelines, they can make the best decision for their home. 


1. The Devil Is In Consistency

Once you settle on-grid windows for your replacement, focus on creating a unified look for your home. Too many patterns can create a chaotic look that is too distracting. Once you choose a design, stick with it for all the windows, more so when they are on the same floor or side if you are replacing only one window, the benchmark of the existing grille pattern. 


2. Size And Window Type Counts

Are you switching out a small or large window? When dealing with grids, it is vital to consider the size of your window. Small windows do not go well with small windows; they tend to obstruct both sunlight and the window’s view. Large windows offer a better styling option where the grills are installed around the window perimeter to avoid any obstruction from the views. 


3. Style Of Choice

The more you delve into your choice, it becomes more than which grill pattern you like. There are decisions to be made in the window finishing, stained or painted. Further, you need to settle on the color you want. Do you want it to match your interior palette or create a contrasting look? Consult with a professional window installer on your option and which one is the best for you. 


4. Removable Grills 

A big concern for homeowners getting a gridless window is the difficulty of cleaning. Because most modern grille windows are located outside, cleaning each pane is daunting. Removable grills get rid of any of these concerns offering homeowners the option to remove the grills during cleaning and even styling flexibility when they want a change. Talk to your window expert about getting removable grills for replacement if the option makes more sense for you.  


5. View Or No View

How much do you value your view? For some homeowners, their view is a no-brainer, and because grids obstruct the view, they prefer staying away from them during reinstallation. What you have to ask yourself is how important is your view? Would you instead enjoy it or get distracted from it? People with uninteresting views welcome the distraction of grid patterns.


Summing Up

The grille option or not to grille is not as restricting as it once was. You can have both. The decision, however, lies in finding balance in the grilles. A window installer can help break it down and help you find clarity in your replacement windows. Reach us for your quote and find you the expert.