Bathrooms and tiles have a long-standing relationship. However, for years flooring has consumed the most significant part of this relationship, overshadowing the many enchanting-looking tiles lend our spaces. Tiles have the potential to give you the ultimate bathroom transformation, but you should first know where to use them. The professionals will tell you to choose tiles based on their suitability, and we could not phrase it any better. If you plan on adorning the different areas of your bathroom with tiles, you should know which ones are best to use. It is all easier said than done, so before you storm the store and grab the first stack of tiles that catches your eye, here is a guide to help you discover some of the best tiles for your bathroom remodel. 

1. Shower Tiles 

Does it get any more sparkling than porcelain and ceramic in the shower? Made from a mixture of clay, these two tiles are made to be hard and brittle; thus, durable. They are beautiful, easy to clean and stand up well in high moisture areas, making them perfect for the shower. 


Versatile, beautiful, and most importantly affordable, ceramic tiles have been on the radar of most homeowners planning a remodel. Although made of clay, ceramic is much softer than porcelain and thus chips more easily. Ceramic tiles come in different colors, making them perfect if you want to create a focal point in your shower. 

    b) Porcelain

When it comes to popularity, porcelain is not far behind ceramic. Some people even confuse the two because they look alike. Because porcelain is harder than ceramic, it tends to cost higher than ceramic, but it is just as beautiful. 


2. Accent Tiles

Are you feeling a little umph from the continuous paint film in your bathroom? Accent tiles are just the thing to break up the color and create a visual interest in the space. Think about the ambiance you want to create and develop a stunning design scheme in your bathroom with glass tiles. 

    a) Glass

The swift move of glass tiles into the bathroom is one we cannot explain, but we love it either way. Something about the reflective surface of the glass injects a sense of luxury into the space. Mosaic glass, for instance, brightens up a room while adding that extra element to the design. You should know that these tiles are more on the splurge list, so you might get ready to save up because they are worth it!


3. Backsplash Tiles

Tiles can create the perfect backdrop for your bathroom when carefully selected. Rather than having a dull painted or a white fitted tile that gives the bathroom a clinical look, you get tiled installed to keep things interesting. Texture and patterned tiles can inject some character into your space, and we have the perfect suggestion. 

    a) Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles have this elegant, timeless touch they add to a space. With their prominent features, these tiles possess great potential to enhance beauty, so why not create the perfect bathroom with them. From polished looks with marble to more cozy looks like travertine, stone tiles offer an exceptional wall solution that is warm and full of character. 


Final Word 

What would our bathrooms be without some beautiful tiling? The thought itself makes us uneasy. Tiles are beautiful and purposeful, and for this, the bond they have with our bathrooms is unbreakable. To enjoy the tiling in the bathroom, proper installation is vital. Hiring a bathroom remodeler to ensure the grout is well-fitted is essential, and we can help you find a suitable contractor for the project. Complete the form and let your transformation begin.