Planning to reinstall your home flooring but concerned about your furry friend? Homeowners can’t help but worry about their little companions when the time comes to remodel their floors. It is understandable because no one wants a remodel that leaves them or their pet at a disadvantage. Would you believe us when we say you can get a flooring option that caters to both?

The perfect combo of comfort and pet strain does exist. Pet owners are wary of flooring material that cannot stand up to pets’ strain because they are bound to shred not long after reinstallation. However, no pet owner wants to gamble with the comfort of their pet. The choice may seem impossible, but it is not. Several flooring options allow you to improve your home’s appeal while considering the needs of your dog.

Let us put your mind at ease with the best flooring materials for your pet. These will not only accomplish your design goals but also withstand the assault from your pets’ claws and bites.

1. Vinyl Flooring

At the top of our list, vinyl is by far the best floor remodels for homes with pets. Why? Because it caters to pet owners’ main flooring concerns: pet damage, safety, and comfort. Its material is highly resistant to scratches and can withstand spills on the floor. However, the spills should not stand for long to prevent moisture build-up, which we all know is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Pet owners do not have to worry about their pets’ comfort because this flooring material is comfortable to lay and walk on. With its high level of traction, vinyl significantly minimizes the risk of slips and pet injuries. Vinyl is cost-efficient and easy to maintain, which is a plus for homeowners doing remodels on a limited budget.

2. Laminate Flooring

Many pet owners rave about laminate flooring and its ability to stand up to claw scratches from cats and dogs. As a homeowner, your decorative goals do not have to take a back seat because wood can be designed to mimic the appealing features of wood and stone. You can therefore enjoy a wood-looking floor without the downside that comes with wood floors. Laminate floors do not stain easily; however, they do not do well with liquid spills, so make a point of cleaning up soon after spills to avoid liquids slipping through the planks and damaging the flooring. Although the flooring’s top layer is very slippery, you can ask your flooring contractor to do a textured finish to improve traction and reduce the occurrence of injuries.

3. Ceramic Tile

It is a versatile flooring option suitable for the needs of different members of the family, pets included. We all love our furry friends, but having them in the house can be testing with the spills, shredding, and breakages. So, why not choose something whose qualities stand up to these problems? Tiles are resistant to water and scratches, which is an attribute every pet owner wants on their floors. Tiles happen to be very easy to clean. Although keeping the grout lines clean may be a potential issue, one can easily fix it with occasional resealing. Ceramic tiles are not known for their comfort, but homeowners can remedy this by adding rugs that are easy to clean to improve pets’ comfort.

Homeowners put a lot of effort into finding the best possible choice for their floor renovations. On a typical day, durability and aesthetic appeal are the number one factors to consider; however, if you have a pet, you have to make accommodations fitting to their needs. These floorings should give you some ideas about suits flooring for your pet. You can schedule a sit down with an expert to discuss these flooring materials and determine the best for your needs and that of your pet.