Every bathroom remodel needs a toilet; however, the type solely depends on the homeowners. Bathroom remodeling is all about choices; what to upgrade vs. what to replace, shower vs. tub, and most importantly, wall-mounted vs. floor-mounted toilets. As a homeowner, it is essential to do your due diligence and uncover which one fits your household’s needs best.

Wall-mounted toilets and floor-mounted toilets have a lot to offer in the bathroom. This article will help you assess the two toilets and make an informed decision during the purchase. Both the floored and wall-mounted toilets have their advantages and disadvantages. The following should guide you through narrowing down your two options and settle for the best.

1. Affordability

If you are conscious about your spending, a wall-mounted toilet may not be for you. Since the toilet is installed on the wall, your wall needs to be thick for support. If your wall is not sturdy enough, the bathroom remodeler will recommend erecting an extra wall this increasing costs.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

What style are you going for in your bathroom space? Each of these WCs brings a different stylish appeal in the bathroom; therefore, it comes down to the question of personal taste. Wall-mounted WCs offer a sleek and minimalist style that goes well with a modern design bathroom.  Floor mounted toilets, on the other hand, work best with traditional decor.

3. Space Efficiency

Since wall-mounted WC are built into the wall, they leave some space underneath, allowing an individual more legroom. Most importantly, they sport a feel of more space, especially in small bathrooms.

4. Comfort

Comfort is an essential factor to think about when choosing a toilet, especially if you have people with special needs in the home. In such a case, wall-mounted toilets will be more convenient to get. The fact that they are adjustable can easily change the height to a comfortable height for the user from small children, elderly to people with limited mobility.

5. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, homeowners need to be more hands-on with wall-mounted toilets.  They will require frequent maintenance checks to ensure the bolts and brackets are firmly in place since they loosen with time. 

This article only acts as a guide allowing you to weigh your choices. Ultimately, the final decision lies with you. Your style preference and bathroom style are what will influence your pick. However, if you need more advice, get in touch with our remodeler and receive a quote for your bathroom transformation.