Are you looking to upscale your home with a few upgrades? Well, it’s time you stopped looking because bathroom remodelling it is. Bathrooms are spaces of refreshment, the perfect place to hit the reset button after the daily chaos of life. With a hot bubble bath or a warm shower, you can rejuvenate and truly unwind. The bathroom is your happy place; thus, when redesigning it, remember to incorporate ornaments of style that bring out your personality.

From the stylish modern elements to the rustic farm details, there is something for everyone who wants to redesign their bathroom. Ultimately, it all comes down to the homeowners’ preferred style and needs. The list of designs one can explore for their bathroom is endless; however, here are six styles you can use as inspiration to kick off bathroom remodeling in 2021.

1. Modern 

With a 19% popularity in the remodeling world, this bathroom style is a favorite of many especially homeowners remodeling their master bathroom. This style’s sleekness is defined by the straight lines of the countertops, sinks, and other bathroom areas. The streamlined models in this modern style incorporates top-quality materials, like marble, quartz, and porcelain, which gives the space a bold and strong appearance and blends it with modern art to provide it with a pop of color. Expect to also spot some greenery as part of the bathroom decor, which gives the bathroom a perfect contrast. 

2. Traditional

Once a design that many homeowners championed in the bathroom area, the traditional style has been losing traction for the past few years, taking up only 9% of popular bathroom remodeling styles. However, if comfort, relaxing and practicality is the goal you have for your bathroom space, this style will work for you. Every element integrated into this style is mainly functional. However, the addition of classic colors is meant to give the bathroom space some edge. Some key statements in traditional bathroom remodel integrate tiles, glass, and polished wood into the bathroom. 

3. Contemporary

If you love trends and your style is more ‘of the moment’, contemporary bathroom style would be the perfect option. It leans more on the sleek elements and stays away from traditional features. 15% of homeowners have tipped into this design, which embraces trends and ‘in’ designs especially technology-wise. Think digital showers and smart mirrors. Its color palette combines high contrast colors; however, the black and white palette has held the title for being many favorites. If contemporary design sounds like something you would like, consider going for statement tiles and minimalistic faucets. 

4. Rustic

Talk about creating a warm and welcoming space using the natural outdoorsy look. Rustic bathroom remodeling styles incorporate natural stone and warm wood to give the bathroom space a rich and cozy vibe. Some finishing touches with metal like antique bronze or hammered brass would do an excellent job giving your bathroom some edge. The 4% of homeowners remodeling with a rustic style have attested to copper bathtubs being a great addition to the room. To warm the look of your bathroom space, you can add some cozy floor rugs and vanity lights as part of your décor. 

5. Farmhouse

The popularity of farmhouses is growing, as surveys show 6% of homeowners choose this design for their bathroom remodeling. And while you can add some trendy elements to give your space a modern flair, think homespun and simplicity when redesigning your bathroom. Its signature feature is the sliding barn doors that are combined with the high ceiling beams. Because the design combines with rustic and country styles, a generous amount of polished wood will be integrated into the bathroom. 

6. Vintage

As a style that will transport you to the midcentury with its vintage details and furniture. Although not as popular as before, this style echoes Eames’s style with a touch of gold metal. Statement mirrors in unique shapes is also a key feature here. The vintage bathroom designs relied heavily on punchy backsplashes to bring the space together, so get ready to play around with colors.

Even the most popular design will count for nothing if it comes to your bathroom space if it does not fit your style and needs. Hopefully, this article provides you with some inspiration to find the vision for your remodel. You can contact our remodeling experts for advice on what would work for you and your needs for further assistance. Reach us and get a quote for your remodeling project.