The talk among kitchen remodeling circles is keeping up with trends and what’s popular is kitchen revamps. Most homeowners fail to realize that the more trendy an idea is, the more people incorporate it into their kitchen design. And at the end of the day, that unique idea you wanted to explore is no longer unique. 

Although very little thought is given to unconventional designs, maybe it’s time this changed. Homeowners who want to tap into their personalities and design a kitchen remodel that stands out should consider using the following underrated ideas.  

1. Mismatched Furniture

Contrary to what some homeowners think, furniture matching is overrated. The multi-colored cabinets, vintage chairs, and bold islands are an excellent way to make a statement in the kitchen. Without going over budget, you can get a few different furniture designs at your thrift store and get that bohemian aesthetic going in your kitchen. 

2. Open Shelving

Ever thought about going a little risqué with your kitchen remodel design? Well, now is your chance! Open shelves are seriously under-rated when considering them as designing options and not just extra storage. With careful consideration, adding open shelving to your kitchen remodel is definitely a must-do. Don’t be afraid to step off the ledge of minimalism and take a walk in the dark side with unique open shelving. 

3. Go Handless

When remodeling the kitchen, the obvious choice for homeowners is to include handles in their cabinetry. But have you thought about going the opposite direction? Going handless may never have been an option years ago, but this has changed thanks to technology. It is perfect for homeowners in pursuit of making their kitchen space inviting and clutter-free. Communicate with your kitchen contractor about adding push buttons to your cabinetry and watch your kitchen transform into a sleek space. 

4. Geometrical Kitchen Islands

For homeowners who want to bring some edge into their kitchen remodel, geometric islands are it.  The unique angles and curves are one way to make your kitchen remodel stand out. Geometric kitchen islands give room for creativity, allowing homeowners to have designs tailored to their preferred style. These islands work well with modern kitchen design where one can opt for high end or fun designs. 

5. Statement Backsplash

It’s time we threw the idea that kitchen designs are meant to be subtle and minimalist out the window. And remodeling is the perfect chance to get your creative juices flowing. If properly selected, statement backsplashes could just be the backdrop your remodel needs to go from meh to exceptional! Explore a bold color pallet and choose one that will complement the other prominent features in your kitchen. 

If you are uncertain about your kitchen design for the next remodel, these are some ideas to kick start your process. Remember, a good kitchen design doesn’t have to be the most popular, but beautifully functional to your needs. Call us up for inquiries about the remodeling, and we will be happy to discuss the project and how much it would cost to revamp your kitchen.