Due to its growing range in texture, pattern color, and design, vinyl flooring has become something many homeowners appreciate. Some are even making it a flooring choice for their home remodeling. However, the big question is, what are you signing up for with having vinyl floors in your home? Here are some of the things to anticipate with vinyl floors.

1. Straightforward Cleaning Routines

With vinyl, you can consider the days of back-bending scrubbing behind you. The recommendation is to avoid abrasive cleaning agents as they could damage the floors. Cleaning routines include simple mopping and vacuuming, but you can invest in walk-off mats to make things easier. These will help minimize the amount of dust and dirt tracking inside the home, simplifying the daily cleaning.

2. Get Rubber Covers For Furniture

Even the most robust flooring material folds under intense punishment, and vinyl is a perfect example. Vinyl is advertised as one of the most durable choices for reinstallation, but that doesn’t mean it is indestructible. Dragging furniture on the floors can cause gashes on the floor ruining it’s appearance. Therefore, you may have to get rubber covers or furniture pads to eliminate the risk of damage.

3. Unlimited Style Options

Vinyl floors come in different textures, colors, and designs. Homeowners looking to it as a flooring replacement option can expect endless style options to select from. If you want a wood-like vibe in your space, you can access vinyl floors that can mimic the tone and texture of real wood.

4. Entire Replacement When Damaged

Overall, the vinyl floors’ cost is affordable, with the installation costing between $2-$12 per sqft. And while this is reasonable pricing during installation, that may not be the case with replacement. Unlike flooring like tiles where you can get a new tile installed to replace the damaged one with vinyl, you have to take out the entire floor to keep up with vinyl’s aesthetic appeasement.

5. Keep Away The Hot Stuff

Vinyl does not do well when exposed to extreme heat.  That is why you should keep any heat appliances like heaters, curling irons, and iron boxes a safe height from the floors. Heat can melt the floors damaging them in the process, so anything that poses this risk to the floors shouldn’t be left unattended.

6. Wiping Spills Immediately

Yes, vinyl is an excellent flooring when your home is prone to spills. It is waterproof and can stand in even moisture-prone areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. This is true, but you should know that even being water-resistant vinyl can get stained with spills. Not letting spills sit around for long extends the floors’ life, allowing you to reap maximum ROI.

Now that you understand the cost of getting vinyl floors for your reinstallation, making the jump should be easy. Vinyl has a lot to offer as flooring, from durability, versatility to being waterproof. As long as you have a floor replacement expert’s help, the remodeling should go smoothly. Give us a chance to be part of your remodeling experience and receive a quote for the project.