A marble is a metamorphic rock that recrystallizes when limestone is subjected to a lot of heat and pressure. The rock is characterized by veining patterns and colors ranging from red, white, blue, green, and even black. Marble is simply beautiful, and it comes as no surprise that homeowners are eager to integrate it into their kitchens. If you are contemplating getting marble countertops for your kitchen, there are things you should know beforehand. Not knowing what to expect when getting marble countertops will blindside you down the road. Here five must-knows about marble every homeowner remodeling should know.

1. The Price Might Dent Your Account

If you know nothing about marble other than it looks good, you should know that it is not cheap. Marble is one of the most durable materials you can choose for your kitchen countertops. Its strength and the fact that it is long-lasting makes it pricier than other choices. Be ready to spend a buck, but we assure you it will be worth it!

2. No Two Slabs Are The Same 

The versatility of marble is one of the reasons it has caught the eye of many homeowners. You will never find two pieces of marble that look the same. With that said, we recommend that when shopping for the countertops, you should go in person. You can then pick out slabs that you prefer. 

3. Regular Sealing Is A Must

With marble countertops comes a lot of responsibility and maintenance, including re-sealing the countertops every few months. When getting marble countertops, you cannot compromise the sealing process. Hiring a professional kitchen remodeler is the best way to ensure they are less prone to damage or staining. 

4. Use Cleaning Supplies You Would Use On Your Hands

When cleaning marble countertops, the rule of thumb is never to use anything that you would not use on your hands. Marble is high maintenance; it stains and uses low PH level cleaners to react with the surface and etch. Stick to soapy warm water and avoid using abrasives to prevent scratching the surface.

5. Don’t Fret Minor Damages 

Scratches and chips on the stone are bound to occur at some point of use. But don’t sweat it because minor damages are fixable. Minor damages to the countertops can be repaired with the help of a kitchen remodeler. If your countertop sustains severe damage, you can replace the slab with a new one. 

The beauty of marble is unmatched. The stunning look can add life to your kitchen and inject elegance into space. But there is more to know about marble, and we hope this article offers you some enlightenment. You can now go into your purchase fully aware of what you are getting. If a little more effort in care does not scare you off, marble countertops are for you. Get a qualified kitchen remodeler to do the installation, and you are set.