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After making a plan for remodeling your entire home flooring, do you find yourself at a standstill when it comes to your stairs? Should you leave them as they are or add some zhuzz with a beautiful carpet? A staircase can be a statement piece in your home; however, is carpeting your stairs the right remodeling move for your home?

Carpeted stairs are a common feature in many individual’s homes. For decades, homeowners have used carpets to balance function and style in their homes. But like everything, there are upsides and downsides to this home improvement project. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of carpeting your stairs for the flooring replacement project.


1. Noise-proofing

Creaking stairs or thuds when someone comes up and down the stairs can cause a lot of echo in the home. This is not just noisy, especially when you are trying to sleep but also annoying. A little carpet can do wonders by soundproofing your stairs and drowning out any noise underneath your feet.

2. Extra Warmth

If you live in a cold climate area and are looking for ways to insulate your stairs, a carpet could be just the thing you need. By providing an extra layer of insulation, both you and those you care about are provided with added warmth.

3. Softer Underfoot

When it comes to soft underfoot, no flooring is as comfortable and soft as carpets. Because they come in different textures, a carpet can make your stairs cozier and more comfortable to step on, especially if the stairs are made of hard concrete materials like stone. Carpeted steps can be a measure of protection against falls, especially if you have pets and kids in the home who take stumbles on the stairs.

4. Inexpensive

When you think about some of the affordable ways you can remodel your home, carpeting claims a good spot. In the same way carpeting, your bedroom floor is more affordable than installing hardwood floors; the same applies to the staircase. Purchasing is cost-efficient because you can find a quality carpet that suits your budget. Even if you have to refinish, you do not have to break the bank to do it.

5. Stylish

Throughout the evolution, carpets have undergone in texture, colors, and design; one thing remains, carpets are stylish. Carpeting your stairs can transform dull-looking steps into a magnificent stairway; all you have to do is pick a design that works well with your décor.


1. Harder To Install

If you are considering carpeting your stairs, it is essential to set aside finances for hiring expert help because this is a task not meant for amateurs. It takes time and effort to tackle, shape, and glue down the carpet to ensure correct installation. You may have to hire a professional for the replacement to be efficiently and quickly done; however, this will cost you more.

2. Damage To Floor

If you have existing flooring on your stairs, adding a carpet could damage it. Remember, for your carpet to fit, the installer will have to use glue or staples to ensure it does not fold. There are no takebacks when adding glue or fitting pins to material like hardwood, which would ruin it.

3. Susceptible To Mold Growth

The material of carpet makes it easy to retain moisture, especially in a humid environment. Although you can use a humidifier to keep moisture levels minimal, it is a draining task. Mold, on the other hand, is dangerous and can cause health problems for the residents. 

Should a carpeted staircase be part of your home remodeling? The call is yours to make; if you think you can keep up with carpeted stairs knowing what you know now, there is a lot you can gain from it. However, it may not be the best choice for the home if it is too much for you. Take time to think and after your decision, feel free to reach out to our floor installation service to give your home a comfortable staircase.