Do you have a window re-installation project coming up? Your next step will be to go sifting through the pool of designs in the market. The great news is that you have options; however, you may be conflicted when picking just one for the installation. With our help, you can change that, so let’s dive into the article. 

Have you given any thought to the casement window? These windows are not as popular as they used to be, but they are still a great choice for your installation project.  Casement windows are windows hinged at the side, like doors, and they open by moving the hinged side. While these windows are not new in the market, they still have strong points making them perfect for your home improvement project. Here are a few worth giving a glance.

1. Effortless Operation

Casement windows open and close, similar to doors; they are hinged at the side; therefore, the movement is sideways. The opening and closing of the window are not sidetracked with gravity like in the case of double-hung windows, which makes operating them easy. Windows that are difficult to open are also highly prone to breakage, more reason to stick to casement windows. 

2. Easy To Keep Clean

Some windows accumulate dirt and debris on that track throughout the day, and casement windows are not one of them. Having no tract for the debris to accumulate, the window remains clean for longer, and when it requires cleaning, the task is not as laborious as a window with a track. 

3. Noise-free

There are homes where the opening and closing of windows is announced through every room. Some windows open and close with a distinctive clack, which can be annoying if one wants quiet. Casement windows can get rid of this problem for you as they are as quiet as they come. With the sideways movement, you can open and close the windows without causing any disruptions in the home. As long as you keep the hinge lubricated, you should have no problems with squeaking windows. 

4. Controlled Air Movement

Ventilation is important in-home; it ensures a conducive atmosphere indoors; the sash  of casement windows allow you to control the amount of breeze you want to enter your house. If you want to prevent air infiltration, the window’s seal will ensure the window is weathertight when it comes into contact with the sash. 

5. Access To Screen When Cleaning

You do not realize how easy you have it with casement windows until you can easily access the screens during cleaning. Dirty windows with smudges are not good for any home’s curb appeal. So regular cleaning is part of the maintenance of the windows. To simplify the process, access to the screen is vital. With casement windows, you can reach the screen of the windows from the inside and clean with ease. 

6. Easy Replacement

Drafty windows or energy inefficient windows are not the only reasons homeowners line in stores. Broken glass and sash also make the list for window replacement options. If your casement window has broken glass or sash, the problem can easily be replaced. A professional can replace the broken part without having to take out the entire window, which is both convenient and cost efficient. 

Brushing off casement windows without giving much thought would not be a smart move. Thanks to this piece, we hope that casement windows are now worth a chance in your book. Look at their pros and determine whether they align with your needs. You can then reach our remodeling experts for the installation. The window installers will put you in touch with our professionals and will ensure the installation is done properly. Get your quote and prep your home for the revamp.