We do not say the kitchen is the last place you want to be dim and dull lightly.  Overlooking the lighting in your kitchen will impact its overall look and efficiency of the room. Remember, the kitchen is a cooking area with a lot going on. A well-lit space is essential if you will keep watch over the boiling pots, the frequent spills, and the kitchen slips and falls. 

Creating a bright space during remodeling is an essential part of refreshing the cooking area. It ensures you have an inviting space that you can welcome your visitors and also work in. Not sure how to do it? Here are five tips to help you brighten the kitchen during a revamp. 

1. Replace The Light Bulbs

Do you have white LED lights in your kitchen? If your answer is no, this tip is for you! You will not realize how much of a difference LED lights will make in your kitchen space until you get them. Lights that give off a yellow tint that makes the room appear dull and dimly lit. It’s time you replaced them with quality light bulbs that will brighten up your space. 

2. Go Brighter With Color

The darker greys and browns are stepping aside to make room for colors that will sport an airy feel in the kitchen. Colorful accents will transform your cook area into a more cheery space. Most importantly, a pop of color with a wall or painted cabinets will make the room brighter, changing its overall vibe. 

3. Add Lights

When remodeling your kitchen, keep in mind your kitchen doesn’t solely rely on one lighting source. Having a well-lit cook area will go a long way in making the room more efficient while elevating its look. The key is to go for overhead lights that will not cast shadows in the room. A great choice would be chandeliers, recessed lights, and scones. The market is full of pendants lights you can use to bring elegance into space while brightening it up. 

4. Sparkle With Mirrors

Kitchen revamping has made significant strides from the typical cabinet and workspace update. Remodels have become more aesthetic as they have functional, so adding a mirror to your kitchen space would not be out of the ordinary. Apart from them making the room appear bigger, they also make it brighter. You can place your mirror opposite the window; this way, light can reflect in it, thus brightening up the space. Two mirrors should suffice to keep the kitchen bright enough without going overboard. 

5. Get A New Window

Windows have a significant impact on the kitchen space. Apart from a ventilation source, it is also an excellent way to add natural light to the home. Before the remodel, you can access where the window or placement allows sufficient light in the kitchen. 

Brightening your kitchen space may seem like a small part of the remodeling; however, its impact is vast. Having a well-lit space improves more than just the visual appeal of the kitchen. Don’t lag in your kitchen transformation journey; with our help, you can get in touch with a professional remodeler ready to make your dreams come true.