As the hub of the home, the kitchen has come under pressure to be a space where people can dine, relax, work and even entertain. That said, a lot of planning goes into the styling of the kitchen area. Shaker kitchen styles have been around the block; to date, we still have homeowners rallying behind this style. Although it is a traditional design, the shaker style can be integrated into the modern kitchen to bring a striking look. Interested in some inspo? These are simple revamping tips to create a lasting style in your shaker kitchen. 

1. Refresh With Color 


The lighter shades popular with shaker kitchens in no way mean that darker shades are a no-go. Neutral colors like white, grey, and cream, as well as darker hues like green, blue and black, will look amazing in your kitchen. Are you feeling adventurous, or would you rather your kitchen slip into neutral obscurity? The answer to the paint color question lies in how much of a statement you want to make. Most importantly, feel free to lean into your favorite colors as long as things are kept simple. 


2. Let It Sink 

The sink hardly gets the attention it deserves when sprucing the kitchen, but you can change that with this kitchen design. As the most used feature in the kitchen, the sink should look good and feel new. A timeless sink is a great way to bring charm into your kitchen while keeping the character of the shaker kitchen. A Belfast sink is the perfect addition to complete your shaker kitchen look, it may cost you a buck, but you will be reaping the good looks for years.


3. Move Beyond Fittings 

While it is hard to fault the tidy workspace that comes with a fitted kitchen, we cannot help but notice how soulless it makes the kitchen feel. Apart from giving an authentic shaker look, a free-standing sideboard or table in the kitchen reduces the pressure to get your revamp right the first time. Free-standing furniture will not just serve as a short-term investment to inject character into the space but can be configured to meet the ever-changing needs in your kitchen. 


4. Add A Contemporary Edge 

Shaker kitchens are a classic but don’t underestimate their comfort in the modern home. You can make the shaker design at home in your modern space while remaining true to the authenticity of its timeless style. Natural elements are common with this design but, we can still bring a contemporary edge to the kitchen. Think about it; a modern countertop is a perfect ode to this popular 1950s kitchen style. 

5. Accessorize With Natural Textures

The simple and classic style of the shaker kitchen extends to the accessories you choose, and what better way to go than the natural material. Think wood, plain ceramics, wicker; the list is endless. Natural textures are also perfect for adding some color to your kitchen. Some rustic touches are great but bw careful to not tip the scales to country style. 

Bottom Line

Shaker style is an excellent option for any kitchen remodel, but like every home improvement project, precise planning is king. These tips can act as styling guidelines to ace your kitchen shaker. If you want to live out the kitchen, you envisioned with our expert help, complete the form with details of your dream kitchen, and let’s begin!