Kitchen revamps have made a long journey from face lifts aimed to make the room more visually appealing. Homeowners are just as invested in making their kitchens more efficient as they make them healthier, and we have sustainable sources like plywood to thank for this evolution. Plywood is at the forefront of sustainability, making it possible for homeowners to meet their current needs while considering their future.

For you to consider making it part of your redesigning, you should understand what it is. Plywood is layered wood that dates back to 1500 BC in Egypt. The material consists of thin sheets of wood compressed with adhesive. The material made a comeback in the furniture industry in the late 1920s, and it continues to make its mark in the remodeling world, especially in the kitchen. Due to its durability and versatility, it has become an excellent design material that homeowners use to create an affordable and sustainable revamp kitchen. How? You may ask. Here are some ideas homeowners are exploring when incorporating plywood in the kitchen.

1. Floor

Wooden floors are a classic to have in the kitchen. With proper installation, they can bring out the elegance in your cooking area. Whether you choose planks or parquet flooring, you have a durable and strong flooring material in plywood. The material can stand the test of time as well as real wood with proper care and maintenance. Plywood is also a more affordable option if you want to bring that rustic style in the kitchen without splurging.

2. Wall

What do kitchen remodels in 2021 look like? Out with the drywall and in with plywood. You can talk to your contractor about having structural plywood erected in the kitchen or interior plywood, which is more of a cladding choice than support. Wood is known for bringing a touch of warmth in space, and plywood is no different. As a place where people sometimes sit for meals, plywood would inject a natural look in the kitchen.

3. Cabinets And Countertops

Setting aside the aesthetic qualities plywood brings to your kitchen cabinetry, the material also ticks the box for structural stability. Let’s not forget the endless decorative designs you will have at your disposal after. Professional contractors suggest plywood cabinets for remodeling because they are a cost-efficient option, and also highly resistant to moisture, which is a win in the kitchen. With the woodpiles glues to one another, the remodeler can use an exposed plastic laminate or veneer for extra moisture protection.

Some homeowners have also traded in their typical countertops with finished plywood to give their kitchen a polished look. Because countertops are moisture-prone surfaces, we would recommend proper sealing by professional and proper care to prevent damage.

Plywood is a great choice for any kitchen redesigning. It provides not just style but also freshness in a space. Whether you want to stick to simplicity or create contrast in the kitchen, plywood will do the job perfectly. Whether you want to add a fresh film of paint or stick to the aesthetic grain of the wood, you can talk to an expert about the installation. Receive your quote lets get to transforming your kitchen into a cooking haven.