Anyone who has ever replaced their home floors can tell you the challenge of finding beautiful flooring that looks good, is durable, and, most importantly, does not cripple them financially. From the mouth of many homeowners, it seems that with many flooring options, you cannot have them all. Where durability and aesthetics win, maintenance is a significant problem, and where price and proper upkeep are a steal, ecological health takes a hit. So, many homeowners left making time-consuming decisions that they are not completely happy with.

It is time to change that and introduce you to corkwood flooring. Homeowners no longer have to compromise what they want, and that is all thanks to cork floors. The anonymity around cork flooring needs to come to an end because apart from it being around for years, it sports features that will have other choices applauding it. Let’s unlock the secret door to cork flooring that will change the floor installation game forever.

1. Decades-Long Durability

All the concerns you may have about corkwood’s durability should come to an end to them. With proper care, you can stay decades without having to switch out your cork flooring. From its flexibility to stand heavy foot traffic, corkwood’s cellular make-up allows it to last in the home.

2. Wide-stretched Versatility

Remember when subfloors were a headache part of the remodeling, those days are over and done with. Corkwood cannot choose you to install it over any subfloor as long as it is level and dry. You can avoid all the tearing out of floors, which is not just time-consuming and frustrating; it also requires money. It is also available in many styles, colors, and sizes, allowing homeowners to create a style they like.

3. A Fantastic Insulator

The time and money spent on choosing a floor heating system is well-spent elsewhere because, with corkwood, this no longer has to be a concern. Cork is naturally an insulator offering what most flooring options cannot, and that is insulation not just to heat but also cold. The tiny air pockets in the floor allow it to maintain a warm sensation in the winter and a cool sensation in the summer.

4. Wood That Repels Water

Because cork is part of the wood family, many expect it and water to be sworn enemies. The opposite is true; corkwood contains suberin, a wax-like substance that is water-resistant. When exposed to moisture, the flooring will not absorb it but rather repel it. The suberin also makes it less prone to insect infestation, unlike the case in other wood floors.

5. Environmentally Conscious

Enjoying the beautiful feel and look of wood flooring does not have to be at the expense of our environment thanks to cork. Since it is made from a cork tree’s bark, harvesting it does not damage the tree. The tree will rejuvenate after the cork is harvested and manufactured into sheets of various finishes and shapes.

In this article, we chose to overlook all the glitz and glam that come with cork flooring because what it brings to the table is invaluable. Don’t get us wrong, corkwood can hold its own in the aesthetic department, but so can other floors. Above are the features of cork flooring that sets it apart from all other floors. Don’t sleep on corkwood; it’s time to call your flooring expert and schedule your next remodel.