Kitchen countertops may have been underrated but not anymore. Many homeowners are adding kitchen countertops to areas they want to revamp when remodeling, and we are not mad at them. Apart from being a workspace area where meals are prepped, a beautiful countertop can up the visual appeal of your kitchen. 

The decision between marble and granite countertops is not easy, with both naturally sourced and nice looking. The popularity of both stone countertops in the United States has given rise to one question, Which is better? Before reaching out to a professional kitchen remodeler to help redesign your kitchen let us take a look into both stones and what they would bring to your kitchen. 

Marble Countertops

Marble is a metamorphic stone(limestone) that transforms into marble when put under intense heat and pressure. It sports sheer beauty with attractive colors with variations running through the stone. 


1. Opulent Feel

There is no doubt about the beauty marble material possesses; it is one feature that caused many homeowners to lean into as a choice when remodeling their kitchens. 

 2. Uniqueness

 The beauty of marble draws many people to choose it for their kitchen remodels, but its uniqueness earns it double points. Every marble slab is unique, which guarantees every slab you get is one-of-a-kind. 

 3.Timeless Style
Marble is arguably one of the few choices whose style will stand the test of time. Its look and style is one homeowners will still look back five or ten years down the line and still love it for their kitchens. 


1. Costly

 As marble countertops continue trending in the United States, getting them in your kitchen is a financial sacrifice. Compared to other materials, homeowners pay more to get marble countertops in their kitchens.  

2. Prone To Staining

 The porosity of marble is what makes it prone to staining. When liquids spill, marble absorbs the liquids more readily, which only means bad news for the kitchen. Homeowners will therefore need to be vigilant around countertop spills. 

3. High Maintenance

 Although made from a durable stone material, it requires additional maintenance to keep marble countertops in good condition. Because of its porosity, you need to be careful with spills. Additionally, marble countertops tend to stains so homeowners need to avoid abrasives. 


Granite Countertops
Granite is an extremely hard material made up of interlocking material crystals which is later drilled, chiseled and cut into workable slabs that can be used for your kitchen worktop refurbishment. It is this hard nd durable feature that makes it a winner in the kitchen.


 1. Heat Resistant 

Granite has earned its rightful place as many homeowners’ choices when remodeling kitchen countertops. The material is heat resistant; thus, the hot pots and pans in the kitchen are no cause for alarm. 

 2. Stain Resistance

While granite is slightly porous, it does a good job keeping stains at bay. With the constants spills and splashes in the kitchen, granite is a good way to go when picking a kitchen countertop for your remodel.

 3. Scratch Resistance

What could you trade for a kitchen countertop free from etches and scratches? All it takes is to switch out your worktops with granite ones. The strength of the material makes it able to withstand scratches and everyday damage in the cooking area. 


 1. Costly

 Granite is a good choice for countertops if you are looking to splurge on your kitchen remodel. Homeowners who want to enjoy granite and its unique features should be willing to spend a considerable amount on remodeling. 

 Comparisons Of Granite And Marble Countertops

 As seen above, granite and marble material are slightly similar in more ways than one. To further the debate of which of these stones wins in the kitchen, let us compare these two countertop materials. 

 1. Appearance

While both materials are beautiful-looking stones, their natural color variations differ. Granite appears to have flecking color variations, whereas marble has colorful veins creating that sleek polished look. 

2. Strength And Durability

Both marble and granite are considered solid materials; however, granite has a hardness of 6-7, whereas marble ranges at 3-5 on a Mohs scale. 

3. Price

 Granite and marble fall under the pricey options when choosing kitchen countertops. Their costs, however, are slightly different. On average, granite goes for $58 per sqft, while marble goes for $60 per sqft.

 4. Sealing 

Over time both granite and marble countertops will require sealing from a kitchen remodeling expert to keep them looking beautiful. Application of sealant on marble countertops is made more frequent than on granite countertops which can be done once in one to three years depending on the sealant used. 

 5. Maintenance

 While granite countertops can easily be cleaned up with a clean cloth and warm soapy water, marble countertops are not straightforward. Since they are porous, you should not let liquid too long on the surface to avoid damaging the stone. The cleaning product used for cleaning marble worktops also should have neutral PH.

In A Nutshell

Ready to kick off your kitchen remodel? With this guide, you have the information to decide between granite and marble. However, two things should make your decision easier: how you will use and maintain your countertop. With a professional kitchen re-modeler, you can go through a seamless renovation process to revamp your space. Contact us for your quote and start planning for your kitchen transformation.