Do you mean remodelling my basement windows? Absolutely, yes! Without a doubt, basement windows are one of the most overlooked windows in the home. It is easy to forget they can still rack up the energy bills just because we do not spend our days in the basement. As a result, they tend to lurk in the shadows of the main house and go years without replacement, even when they get drafty, damaged, and sometimes less energy efficient.

People know very little about replacing their basement windows; it is time that changed. Rather than leaving it all for the store attendant, homeowners need to be more involved in the selection process, and we can help. These helpful tips can hold your hand when choosing the best basement windows. 


1. Go Custom 

Every home is unique, from the design to its needs, so do not feel pressured to go with an existing window design. The window design throughout the home does not have to dictate your basement window. Get your window installation expert to measure and order a window tailored to your needs. It will save time during installation and ensure you find the best window for your space. 


2. Energy Efficiency

It’s 2022; if you are still on the traditional windows bus, you are missing out big time! Nope, we do not mean the aesthetics but the high energy savings. Everyone and their neighbors are saving energy, and what better way to go? Save money on energy bills with your basement windows and reap the benefits for years.  


3. Look at Your Location

Even if our basement is below ground level, it is still exposed to the elements. The ideal window material is crucial if you hope to make the most of your investment. Find a window installer within your locality who understands the climate in the area to discover the material best for your window.


4. And There Was Light

Isn’t it time we leave the ‘dark’ basement storyline in the horror movies? Although they are less noticeable, basements deserve light like the rest of the house. When working with a professional window installer, natural light in the basement is attainable. Remember, the more sunlight you get in, the less you will depend on artificial lighting. 


5. Let Fresh Air In 

Did you know a window replacement can be the opportunity to let fresh air in the basement finally? Hopper windows are the way you get there. Because they allow air from the top, you should be able to get plenty of air even if the basement sits underground. You may not be able to attain the breezy living room air, but you will be able to keep the stale air out of your basement. 


6. Functionality

Functionality is often overlooked when buying basement windows. The assumption, ‘open or closed, it is just the basement’ has landed many homeowners in hot water when remodeling their windows. You may want to open them when passing a water hose when cleaning or as an emergency fire escape and seal them for security. Thus, always pay attention to whether the windows can efficiently open and close when buying. 

7. Consider Your Security 

The cases of home intrusion show that a great number of homes are accessed through the basement. During remodeling, consider your basement window as any other in the home, which means security is a no-brainer. Window replacement contractors can offer suggestions on ways you can enhance protection for your basement window. From double lock window designs down to the locking system, go the extra mile to ensure your home is protected from the outside. 


Closing Thought

Replacing your basement windows is a big deal; however, it all begins with the right windows. You need the information to find the perfect basement windows; this guide covers everything. To make your replacement easier, get in touch with a contractor to handle the installation. An experienced window expert will prepare and handle the installation correctly, and we know just the team. Complete the project form, and let us help us turn your basement dream into a reality.