Can you imagine a bathroom space with improper lighting? Tragic! Straining your eyes in a bad lit wash space is harmful to your sight and dangerous. You can easily trip or fall and end up hurting yourself. Out of the number of bathrooms, accidents reported a big percentage are attributed to bad lighting. Shaving, makeup application and other activities done in the bathroom can easily go south with the wrong bulb.

The lighting is a crucial part of the remodeling as updated lighting can refresh your space and contribute to the project’s success. If you want your bathroom lighting to be functional. You should balance the different sources of lighting and create an ambiance best for your wash space. These tips should guide you through adding bathroom lighting for your bathroom.

1. Ambient Lighting

As the starting point of light in the room, ambient lighting is not a small matter. It is the central fixture that was most likely fitted when the home was built. You do not have to be confined to the placement of the lighting as you can talk to the bathroom contractor about fitting it in the proper location. A walkway area would be a better position for the light rather than having it above your head.

2. Pick The Right Bulb

When determining which is the best bulb for the bathroom, you should be careful not to lean too much on the decorative and forget the functionality and neither should you forget the calming lighting. A bathroom calls for both, so the goal is to find a balance. You can opt for LEDs lights as they offer sufficient light for careful observations. At the same time, using overhead fixtures on dimmers to create a calming light. Consult with your bathroom contractor about finding a balance on both.

3. Tasking Lighting for Mirrors

There is no doubt the face you see in your bathroom mirror is one you will present to the world the whole day. Good lighting in this area is vital. If you do your makeup or shave, you need to see what you are doing. Shadows cast by bulbs can make grooming a challenge. Scones would be a better choice for this location or vertical fixtures on both sides of the mirror. Keep them at least 36 inches apart and at eye level. 

4. Adding Skylights

Keeping your bathroom lights on 24//7 is expensive. Piling energy bills does your financials no favors; why not install a roof window. For most of the day, you can enjoy natural and free lighting from the sun.

5. Task Lighting For Showers

There are several debates about whether or not lighting in the shower is necessary, and it is time we set the record straight. If you have a glass enclosure separating the shower from the bathroom space, lighting may not be necessary. However, if not enough lighting reaches the shower, you can install recessed lighting as they improve visibility.

6. Accent Lighting

Getting accent lighting can be the right step to creating an elegant feel in your wash space. It will heighten the spa-like vibe in your bathroom, which is 100% worth it when trying to let your shoulders down after a long day. Talk to the contractor about getting strip lights under the wall-mounted cabinets, and it will create a floating effect in the bathroom.

While it takes creativity to ace your bathroom lighting, it is also essential to remember your lighting. When choosing lights for their bathroom area, homeowners have options. Bathroom lights and fixtures in the market are available at competitive prices; thus, you can always find one suitable for your budget. Finding the right lighting for your bathroom is not enough; you need an expert to help with the installation. A professional bathroom remodeler from our company can take over the tasks and ensure your bathroom has the needed lighting. Check in with us for your quote, and you can begin planning for the redesign!