Today homeowners have more bathroom designs than they can choose for their bathroom remodel. Rustic bathroom ideas are on-trend, more so in the bathroom space. The design offers a relaxing and natural atmosphere to the bathroom, and what more could homeowners want? Personalizing your bathroom to your taste and needs can be intimidating. That is why hiring a professional remodeler to help you sort through what works and what doesn’t is a good option. That said, before hiring a contractor, you need to have ideas to give the rustic design your touch. These are some ideas you can implement in your remodeling to get the rustic look. 

1. Wood Paneling

Covering your bathroom walls with wood paneling is a great idea to achieve that rustic theme in your space. However, when you choose to panel your walls with wood, ensure you are working with a spacious bathroom. Wood paneling tends to cramp an already small bathroom, so opt for white tiles to space out the room. 

2. Wood-look Vanities

To bring a homey touch to your rustic bathroom, you can add a furniture-style vanity. Pair the wood vanity with a vessel sink and make your walls the focal point of attention. An elegant wooden vanity will make your space feel airier and cozier. 

3. DIY Wooden Frame Mirror

Little could take you so far, especially in a rustic bathroom. Take the old mirror and revamp it with a DIY wooden frame. You can turn the mirror into a statement piece and hang it above the wooden vanity. 

4. Copper Bathtubs

Are you thinking of adding a bathtub to your remodel? Why not go for a copper tub to complete the rustic look? A freestanding copper tub or a classic clawfoot will make the perfect centerpiece in a rustic bathroom. It will work well to bring a rustic theme to the natural vibe. You can inquire with your bathroom remodeler about which one will fit your bathroom best. 

5. Cozy Accents

The rustic color palette is nature-inspired, so do not expect to see wild, bold colors for the backsplash. Stone and natural woods can be used to attain a rich, cozy look. You can partner these with color paint in neutral and earth tones like stone, chestnut, and cream to elevate the space’s look. 

6. Weathered Finishes

Nothing screams rustic style than metal details complementing the wood-like cabinets’ bronze shiny pulls and hammered copper. These weathered metals will marry well with the earthy and natural textures. 

Rustic-themed bathrooms involve a significant amount of wood, earthy tones, and touches of metal. The ideas above should give you pointers on how to remodel your bathroom with a rustic style. Our remodelers are ready to guide you through planning a bathroom space of your dreams. Receive a quote, and let’s begin the ultimate transformation!