We are just fresh into 2021, and for many homeowners, this is the best time to switch up their home flooring. Floors are an essential element of the home that is why homeowners are more than happy to splurge on the installation. Quality material for your floor could serve you for years, and with proper installation, it will be a while before you are in the flooring market.

For the past years, vinyl has received embrace in the flooring world due to its resilient properties. It is because of this it has become a favorite for many homeowners. But we have to ask, Does vinyl live up to the hype it gets? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of vinyl as a flooring option. By the end of the piece, you should be more than capable of making an informed decision whether vinyl is the right choice for your next flooring remodel.

The Upside For Choosing Vinyl Floors

1. Durability

The lifespan of vinyl is what has won the heart of many homeowners. Flooring replacement is pricey; however, vinyl allows you to maximize your investment, making it 100% worth it.

2. Water-resistant

Liquid spills in the home are bound to occur one way or another, so why not go with resistant flooring material? Vinyl works well with moisture; therefore, water damage won’t be your biggest problem.

3. Low Maintenance

Not many homeowners can cope with heavy floor maintenance. All it takes to keep your vinyl surfaces clean is regular cleaning to remove the dirt and dust, and you are good to go.

4. Affordable

The affordability of vinyl material gives it a significant advantage over other floors. Thanks to vinyl, you can keep your remodeling expenses relatively low. Apart from the reinstallation fee, which varies depending on the flooring contractor you hire, purchasing the materials will be cost-effective.

5. Comfortable

When it comes to comfort, vinyl gets a thumbs up. It is gentle, which makes it comfortable to walk in compared to other floorings. It is perfect for cold areas because it does not get cold with climate change.

Downsides Of Having Vinyl Flooring

1. Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions

Vinyl is made from organic material; therefore, it tends to release toxic materials into the home. Families with children prefer not to reinstall their flooring with vinyl material as it could cause respiratory problems in kids.

2. Difficult To Repair

While it is so hard for vinyl to get damaged, it is expensive to repair when it does. Unlike tiles, which you can switch out damaged sections, you have to tear out the entire floor with vinyl to replace it.

3. Loss Of Color

When it comes to aesthetics, vinyl has received a lot of praise for its ability to mimic other materials like wood. And while this may be right at the beginning, with time, vinyl loses its aesthetic appeasement. With the prolonged exposure to cleaning agents and chemicals, it fades and becomes dull. 

With all the facts laid out, choosing whether vinyl is a good flooring option should be easy. The good news is you can also hire a professional to do the installation. Give our experts a call for installation, and we will send you a quote for the service.