The kitchen has got to be the most dynamic place in the home. To some extent, we see why experts are making progressive steps towards making the kitchen more sophisticated and integrated. The invisible counter-top design has been on the lips of homeowners but will this sci-fi inspired innovation be sticking around, or should we expect it to be a passing fad? Let us find out.

Bringing Technology To Your Kitchen

In cooking shows, vlogs and even TikTok cook videos, you may have already seen these countertops trending but allow us to make a formal introduction. The futuristic, stylish kitchen countertop, whose name has been hot and heavy, features a kitchen hob that you cannot see. Integrating the meal prep area, cook area, and seat guests to create a flawless kitchen. It creates a sleek and clean look that is functional and effortlessly blends the cooking area with the rest of the countertop.

Are These Invisible Countertops The Future?

There are different countertop options when remodeling your kitchen, so why the invisible countertop? It is not about being a futuristic enthusiast; the invisible countertop has a myriad of benefits.

1. Energy Efficiency Guaranteed

The cooking system used with this invisible design uses an advanced induction technology that heats the pot’s surface. Because the cooking takes place under the counter-top, no heat is lost, thus saving electricity.

2. Make A Statement

An invisible counter will make an impression on anyone who walks into the kitchen. Imagine inviting your co-workers to dinner and inviting them to the kitchen to sit on the central island as you prepare the meal. A few minutes in, your guests will realize they are in a futuristic kitchen when you do not light a cumbersome counter-top.

3. Increased Working Space

If you are looking for the perfect excuse to get invisible counters, this is it! Because the cook-top doubles as a counter-top, it means more working space for you. If you plan a small kitchen remodel and look for ways to save space, this counter-top is the perfect solution.

4. Increased Hygiene

Naturally, we expect spills and splashes in the kitchen, especially while prepping and cooking meals. It is easy for food particles to get stuck on the folds and bends of the hob, making it challenging to clean. On the other hand, an invisible counter-top is seamless, so cleaning it is much easier and takes twice as less time.

5. Plenty Of Material Choices

An invisible counter-top in no way limits your exploration of materials. From marble to granite, you can still experiment with different tastes. However, check with your kitchen remodeler about the cook top compatibility placed under or over the counter-top.

Invisible kitchen counter-tops are clearly more than what meets the eye. So what do you say? Will you consider an invisible counter-top for your kitchen remodel? Get a quote for how much the switch will cost you.