Hardwood floors are durable, strong, and aesthetically pleasing, and we couldn’t agree more. If you ask some homeowners, these are all the qualities you would ever need in your flooring replacement materials. But let’s get one thing clear, while all this is true, hardwood is not invincible. Yes, you could stay with it for years, decades even; however, you will have to replace it at some point. So, when do you know it’s time? Time to call your contractor to reinstall your new floors? Here are the top five indicators your home floors are ready for replacement.

1. Spongy And Bouncy

Soft spots on the surface of floors sometimes mean that the subfloors are maybe rotting or decaying. These spots may be spongy or bouncy, which speaks more to the damage of the wood underneath. If your hardwood floor is showing this sign, call up your flooring installer for replacement. 

2. Moving Boards

When hardwood floors expand and contract, they tend to move. The change in humidity causes natural movement in the floors, which results in gaps. However, if the gaps are getting larger, there is definitely cause for concern. The shifting and movement of the floors become an indicator that you should have the floors replaced. 

3. Cupping

Does the middle of the floors appear to sink in as the edges rise? This is a common side effect of water absorption, and if there’s one thing every homeowner knows, mixing hardwood and moisture is a no-no. While wet and soft spots in your floors are a clear indication of water damage, before tearing out your floors, consult with a remodeler. Because sometimes, hardwood floors tend to cup due to changes in humidity. 

4. Lots Of Nails

There is nothing unusual about nails poking on the surface of floors, especially in high traffic rooms. However, once you notice that you do, you have a problem. Nails are a major red flag that it’s time for flooring reinstallation if not for safety reasons to prevent further exposure. Before calling your professional remodeler, determine whether it is a replacement or repair service you need. If 30% or more of the floors in your home show exposed nails, it’s best to call your flooring reinstallation expert. 

5. Scratches And Holes

As much as we would like our hardwood floors to remain pristine forever, things like walking around with boots and moving furniture make it impossible. The scuffs, scratches, and holes from these could ruin the integrity of your floors. Thus, ensure you call an experienced contractor for reinstallation if the holes are large, and scratches are 1/8″ on the surface. 

Replacing your hardwood floors doesn’t have to be disheartening for homeowners, especially when there are so many benefits of getting new floors. Apart from lending a fresh ambiance to the home. If your hardwood floors show any of these ‘replace me’ signs, it’s time to call flooring professionals like us. Our contracting company will expertly assess your floors and guide you through choosing the best replacement material. Through remodeling, you can add value to the home while exploring different designs and styles.