Floors are the home’s most definitive features. It is the thing an individual comes into contact with when they first walk into a room. For this reason, the flooring industry has made significant strides to offer as many options for homeowners to style their spaces. Flooring replacement had also become more common with individuals allowing the reinstallation of new floors whenever a revamp is needed.

Since hitting the market in the 70s, laminate flooring’s popularity has shown no signs of slowing down. Homeowners have added it to their flooring options list, especially now that improvements have been made to boost its material quality. Are you thinking of getting new floors for your home? Do you think laminate flooring will serve you well?

Style, budget, and family needs are done of the factors that will determine whether laminate is good enough as a flooring option for you. Before making your choice, here are some features of laminate material you should know.

1. Versatility

Laminate’s ability to copy the appearance of wood and other floors makes it possible for homeowners to explore virtually.  Because its layer is a high-resolution image, one can get it in any style. If wood floors have been on your bucket list, but the expense surpasses your budget, laminate floors will work fine. You can talk to a flooring expert about getting the image layering textured to give it a genuine feel of wood.

2. Highly Resilient

Scratches, high traffic, sun fading, and dents are things you do not have to think twice about when choosing laminate floors. Ask your flooring expert to install a durable wear layer designed to ensure your floors last longer.

3. Pocket-friendly Prices

With as little as $1 per square foot, you can get wood-like virtual appeasement in your home. Laminate is highly affordable, which makes it perfect if you are working with a limited remodeling budget. Even its best quality materials go for $5 per square foot, which is not half the hardwood flooring price.

4. Easy To Clean

Cleaning floors has never been as easy as it is with laminate. By merely sweeping and wiping with plain water, you can keep your floors clean; however, remember to wring out excess water to minimize moisture exposure. If you want to get rid of stubborn stains, a commercial laminate cleaner is recommended.

5. Susceptible To Water Damage

Even the best quality laminate flooring is easily damaged by water and moisture. It makes using it in water prone areas like the bathroom or laundry room a no-no. This feature makes laminate flooring limiting to install in some areas in the home.

6. Refinishing Not As Effective

Unlike hardwood, where refinishing can be done whenever you want to give floors some shine, laminate does not offer the same luxury. At best, you can get at least one refinishing out of the best quality laminate material you use for replacement.

Laminate is a good flooring choice if you want to give your floors a fresh look. However, if you want the best experience with laminate floors, seek a flooring expert’s services during installation. Without proper sealing and sticking the perimeter edges with glue, the floor will easily be exposed to moisture. Our contracting company deals with different floorings projects, so replacing your laminate floors is right in our alley. Give us a call to schedule a meeting with our flooring experts and receive a quote for the reinstallation fee.