Handleless kitchen designs have proved to be game-changers in the remodeling world. For the past ten years, homeowners choose to go handleless, and the number does not seem to be stopping. The sleek and streamlined style has had many homeowners set on giving their kitchen a facelift with a new remodel.

But just because homeowners are adopting this contemporary kitchen style, the question remains to handle or not to handle in 2021? Let’s find out! Here, we will dive into the advantages and disadvantages of having a handleless kitchen. You should be able to decide whether this is something worth incorporating in your next remodel.


1. Sleek And Clean Look

Have you ever looked at a kitchen remodel and thought, ‘wow’? With this contemporary kitchen design, you can attain that streamlined and luxe look to take your kitchen aesthetics notches higher. If you want a minimalist look, handleless kitchen designs are something you should consider for your next remodel project.

2. Improved Safety

The kitchen can be a beautiful space to get your Martha Stewart on, but it can get ugly so fast if you are not careful. With sharp knives, boiling pots, and electrical appliances, the kitchen can be quite dangerous. Let’s not forget how easy your sleeves get caught by knobs or how often you bump into handles. Going handleless will give you more room to move freely in the kitchen, thus significantly minimizing accidents in the kitchen.

3. Visual Illusion Of Space

Have you been thinking of ways to make your cramped kitchen feel more spacious? Handleless is the way you are planning a small kitchen remodel. The uninterrupted lines will give your kitchen remodel a more airy feel. Without the knobs and handles hanging out, attention to other design features in space will create an illusion of a much bigger space.


1. More Expensive

Kitchen remodeling is the ultimate facelift for the home, whether you are looking to sell or enjoy the space yourself. With handleless designs features the mechanism used tends to be more on the high-end of remodeling expenses. Homeowners may have to spend more than what they bargained for to incorporate them into their kitchen remodel. But if you ask us, the splurge is definitely worth it! As long as you have a professional ready to install the features, the rest should be no problem.

2. Extra Cleaning Time

Let’s just say if you decide to go handleless, be prepared to clock in more cleaning hours. Dust and dirt particles tend to accumulate in the recess during opening and closing; however, the same can be said about cleaning around handles and knobs. Homeowners also have to take more time cleaning fingerprints off the cabinets’ surface where they touch when opening them.

After looking and the upsides and downsides of going handleless for your next kitchen remodel, making your choice should be easy. However, if you are uncertain whether a handleless kitchen design is for you, our remodelers team is available to guide you in your choice. We will discuss the different handleless designs with you and, after your decision, send a detailed quote of what it would cost to redesign your kitchen. Reach us for any help with your project; we have experienced contractors ready to assist.