‘Hire a professional to do your remodeling!’ This is the anthem for many designing experts, home remodeling bloggers, and even professional contractors. These people will always advise you not to go DIY when it comes to window installation, sharing with you all the reasons why reaching out to the experts is a great idea. But what is wrong with going DIY? Is DIY window replacement something worth exploring? We are here to set the record straight by giving you the eye-opener many homeowners on DIY window installation. Let’s look at both the upsides and downsides of handling home window installation, and you can deduce your opinion at the end of the article. 

The Upsides

1. Save on Hiring Expenses

When planning your remodeling budget, allocating enough money to hiring a pro is always something to remember. So why not go at it yourself and save money? If you have the tools, skills, and time, you can plan your project and elevate your home’s curb appeal; with a new window. The reality, however, is pulling off a window reinstallation project alone is doable but not easy. 

2. Sense Of Pride 

As a homeowner, you know all well the sense of pride you get when you can fix something in your home. It is why many people are driven to do their window installation. DIY projects give many homeowners self-confidence, just looking at the completed project and knowing you did that does wonders to one’s confidence. 

The Downsides

1. Hidden Costs

At first glance, you may think you are saving bucks by turning your window installation into a ‘do it yourself project. But look at it this way, without a professional window installer’s skills and expertise, it would be hard to identify the quality materials from the low-quality ones; choosing the wrong materials may be a cause for disaster. You may find a quick, easy fix for the time being; however, you will have to deal with leaks and drafts down the line, which will cost you additional money. 

2. Reduced Home Value

Regardless of how handy you are, your skills are incomparable to that of a seasoned window installer. An expert will ensure quality materials are selected for the project, and the window is properly sealed. Going DIY will affect the outcome of the replacement, which results in a reduction in the home value.

3. More Remodeling Time

Home remodeling is time-consuming; from the planning to the replacement, there is a lot to do. Someone who lacks the experience of doing them will take time before they do it right. On the other hand, professionals accustomed to working on home improvement projects will take considerably less time than you. Our lives are busy, so you can hire a pro to save you time and clear your schedule to handle other things. 

4. Risk Of Injuries

Remodels are always a risk environment, whether or not you are handling the replacement. The only difference is the safety becomes more concerning if you are an amateur. If you are not trained on safety precautions to take when remodeling, you are more likely to be seriously injured in the installation. 

DIY window installation is not all that bad; however, its downsides are overwhelming, making it not worth exploring. The truth is, ambition is not a tool you need for a successful remodel. Self-confidence drives many people to think they can handle replacing their new windows without the help of a professional but going through with it successfully is an issue. Hiring a window installing expert is the best solution; you can always reach out to us for assistance. Once we send you your quote, we can dive into more details on making your redesigning dreams a reality.