Looks like wood, feels like wood yet affordable? It seems like homeowners have found the perfect match. Since engineered wood made an entrance into the home flooring market, homeowners have fallen hard, and we are about to find out why. Let’s first introduce you to engineered hardwood.

The flooring that has taken the home improvement industry by storm is not other than engineered hardwood. With the top and bottom layers made from hardwood, it would be hard to convince anyone otherwise. However, taking a closer look, you will learn that the middle layers are made from plywood. From the periodic upgrades made to it since the 1960s, this unique flooring material is finally making its improved reveal. But might engineered hardwood be the next choice homeowners will be lining up for their next home remodeling? It’s time you found out.

1. Flexibility

Has the thought of water damage ever held you back from getting hardwood floors installed? Well, you are not alone. The fact that hardwood would not be a good flooring option for some rooms in the home had been a turn-off for many. However, it’s time to put that ‘wish-I-could’ away with the help of engineered hardwood. Engineered wood is cleverly constructed to be more susceptible to moisture and temperature change. Unlike hardwood, which is discouraged from using as a flooring option in some rooms, engineered hardwood will be more resistant to these temperature fluctuations and water damage.

2. Affordable

Two things make engineered hardwood an affordable flooring option for those considering reinstallation. Since it is a hybrid of real hardwood and plywood, it falls in pocket-friendly floor choices. Well, all know anyone, getting new floors should also get their subfloors replaced. In the case of engineered hardwood, you do need to incur the expense of a new subfloor. If you have a concrete subfloor, the flooring expert can directly install new flooring on top.

3. All-round Durable

If durability is a priority when looking for a flooring choice, then engineered hardwood will not disappoint you. Made from sophisticated technologies, these floors are created to stand punishment that hardwood easily succumbs to. The stains, high foot traffic, and thorough cleaning all these factors would barely discourage you from enjoying the look and feel of wood. When it dulls, you can refinish it to restore its shine, and going for dull-colored flooring will help keep stains under control, especially if you have kids or pets.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing

We all love the rich and natural look of wood but don’t we wish it were a little more versatile? Thanks to an engineered hardwood and the significant strides in technology, homeowners have their chance. You can now enjoy wood’s versatility through the wide range of color and style that engineered hardwood comes in; rustic, chic, urban to traditional the beauty and vibe it brings to the space is unmatched. Don’t forget it’s timeless, which makes it an element worth the splurge when it comes to remodeling.

5. Environmentally Friendly

In a world succumbing to the deteriorating climate change, it does not hurt to be more environmentally conscious when picking your flooring options. Cutting trees for flooring without restraint is no longer something earth can sustain. That is where engineered wood comes in. The one plank of hardwood that barely covered the space can now be manufactured into at least 5-7 pieces of quality engineer wood flooring. This means the less real wood required to make the flooring, the less cutting down of trees.

Choosing to incorporate wood into your home flooring brings more than just visual appeasement to the space. Wood also gives a sense of comfort and unmatched sophistication. Suiting both modern and contemporary styles, it is no wonder homeowners continue to love it. Engineered hardwood offers all these, and what’s better, it wins in areas where real hardwood fails. Consult with a flooring expert about the different options hosted by engineered wood to find one that suits your home and style best.