Homeowners love their carpets, and nothing makes it more evident than the popularity of carpeting as a flooring option. Carpets are comfortable and beautiful; they come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures, giving carpeting an upper hand in terms of aesthetics. With proper care, carpets can serve you for as long as five years, but this duration compared to flooring options like hardwood, which can last for decades, makes carpets a not-so-durable choice.

Even with the best care, carpets age, and with time your home will need replacement. Bad flooring in the home calls for replacement as it affects functionality and dulls the home’s aesthetics. If reinstallation is not done soon enough, it could also be dangerous for the homeowners. Homeowners should be able to spot the signs that their carpets need replacement to avoid this. The following are indicators that you need to call a flooring expert for carpet reinstallation in the home.

1. Visible Stains

Are you among the homeowners who have resorted to hiding stains with area rugs? This is cue enough; your carpet has reached a point of no return, and you need to replace it. Map stains in the carpet devalue both your home and make it appear dirty. Maybe it is time to go shopping for a new carpet, don’t you think?

2. Wear And Tear

Foot traffic is the main reason why carpets wear and tear. The constant friction of as people walk and children plan on it, wear spots will appear on the carpet. These spots are a sign that the carpet material is weak hence more susceptible to tearing. The moment you start to see these spots on your carpet, begin planning for a reinstallation.

3. Bad Odor

The smell of feet, dirt, food stains, and even allergens build up in the carpet, and over time, it begins to smell. If you have noticed a funky scent, whenever you walk into a room with a carpet, it’s time to consider reinstalling a new one. Most of all of you have attempted everything to get the smell out with no success. Do not be subject to the bad air quality inside your home when you can tear out the carpet and call a contractor to install a new carpet.

4. Worn Out Padding

Padding is the material underneath the carpet; it lies between the carpet and the flooring surfaces. It is the support that makes the carpet more comfortable. Despite being under the carpet, the padding is also exposed to the same elements as the carpet. Therefore, expect it to get dirty, worn out, and old as time goes by. If your underfoot begins to feel stiff or uncomfortable, it’s high time you got the carpet and its padding replaced.

5. Dated Aesthetics

The truth about carpets is that they go out of style. A carpet that looked stylish in the 90s may now give your living room a dated look that is less inviting. If you haven’t been carpeting shopping for decades, there are gazillions of trends you can adopt for your floor replacement. A new stylish carpet will update your living space and give it that contemporary look.

Does your carpet just look old? Through the years you have had your carpet, it has been subject to washing, high traffic, and with time, this becomes visible. If your home carpet flooring is exhibiting any of these signs, it time to call us for a remodel. Our team of flooring experts who have been doing this for years can come up with some suggestions that will help you update your flooring with quality materials. With us, you can be sure proper installation will be done to give your home floors a successful revamp. Receive a quote, and let’s begin remodeling!