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If you have tried remodeling a small bathroom space, you know the struggle. Trying to create an aesthetically pleasing space while maintaining functionality is never easy. More so when you are dealing with a small bathroom remodeling. Thankfully experts have come up with hacks homeowners can apply to make their bathroom area look wider, and one of them is using tiles. Hardly do homeowners think of bathroom revamps without the mention of tiles. Whether you choose to add them to your floors, walls, or ceiling, you will find that they are an asset and not just for their decorative features but also function.

Which tiling ideas make a small bathroom look bigger? When it comes to picking bathroom tiles, insight goes a long way in helping homeowners attain a spacious and airy feel in their bathroom. We will look at some tips you can share with your bathroom remodeler when redesigning your space with this piece.

1. Go White With Color

Color plays a crucial part in how the perception of your bathroom space. To visually widen your wash space, you should go with lighter colors that reflect light. Homeowners may think white bathroom tiles are overrated, but the truth is they pack a punch in, making your small wash space feel bigger. Particularly for wall tiles, a lighter tiles shade will make the space feel more open and inviting.

2. Minimize Grout Lines

In simpler words, this means going with large format tiles. A common myth is that a small bath area marries well with small tiles, but the contrary will make the space appear less fussy. Homeowners should throw this misinformation out the window by embracing large format tiles that create a clean finish look and give a less cluttered appearance.

3. Avoid Breaks In The Designs

Too many vertical feature lines are a big no when trying to give your bathroom the illusion of space. The goal is to maintain a continuous flow in the bathroom. If you have thought of adding tiles to your bathroom wall, ensure you go all the way to the ceiling, it will make your tight space appear suggestively larger.

4. Direct The Pattern

Patterns can save you the claustrophobic aura of a small bathroom by making a room appear bigger than it is. The shapes in a pattern tile like the herringbone and geometric tiles can direct the eye along the floor and up the wall making the space feel broader and taller. You can seek the help of a bathroom contractor on how to use pattern tiles wisely and keep the room cozy and spacious.

5. Stick To Same Color Tiles

Remodeling is an experience that allows homeowners to experiment with different themes and styles, and colors. However, when heightening your bathroom space, maintaining the same color tiles is crucial. Creating an unbroken eye travel will require you to carry the same tile color from the floor to the wall. You can pick a different pattern design to keep the tile color unbroken.

How do I make my small bathroom look bigger with tile? With this article, this question no longer has to loom over your head during remodeling. With wall and floor tiles, you can incorporate these ideas to give your wash area an enhanced space. For any help with installation, you can seek out our bathroom contractors for help. Get your quote and have the experts transform your compact bathroom into a heightened space you will love.