Pet owners would do anything for their furry friends. So it is only right to think of their pets as they remodel. If you have a pet owner looking to get through a remodeling project in one piece, there are more things to consider. 

During remodeling, there is a lot that goes on. Let’s not forget the construction site can be a dangerous place. The nails lying around the site and even the fumes from undried paint pose a risk for your pets. To ensure their safety, you should add some strategies to your remodeling plan. These are pieces of advice you can employ to keep your pets safe and comfortable. 

1. Understand What The Remodel Entails

Only when you understand what the remodeling involves will you develop a plan that actually works. Knowing what the project entails will allow you to anticipate your furry friend’s challenges and risks. The noise of demolition can spook your pet, so you can prepare to get them out of the house during these times. 

2. Introduce Them To Your Contractor

Pets tend to get jumpy and uneasy around strangers. So, if you are going to hire an expert to do the remodeling, it is best to introduce them to your pets. When your furry friend is familiar with the remodeler, they’ll be more comfortable around them during the remodeling.  It will also let the contractor know there is a pet in the house. 

3. Sequester Them From Site

There is no telling the kind of mischief your little pal can get into around the house. The remodeling period, however, is not the time to find out. When pets roam around the area under revamp, they can get into trouble and harm themselves. Try to keep them away from the construction area. You can keep them in a separate room away from the remodeling. 

4. Watch Out For Dangerous Materials

Part of the sacrifice you have to make to achieve your dream remodel is allowing your home to turn into a construction site. Although it is only for a limited time, exposure to dangerous materials makes it unsafe. Things like nails, staples, and even glass that are most likely on the floor can hurt the delicate paws of your cat or dog. 

5. Elevate Electrical Wires

If you have ever owned a pet, you probably know they like chewing things they find in the home.  During renovations, it is highly recommended to elevate all electrical wires from the floor. Pets can easily chew through these wires, standing the risk of electrocution. 

6. Spend Time Outdoors

On an everyday basis, your pet may play indoors; however, it becomes a challenge during the remodel.  The noise makes it harder for them to take naps and rest. Spending time with them outside would be a significant change of scenery where they can take a break from the remodeling noise. Morning walks, trips to the grocery store, or even a day at the park would be perfect for this. It will also help with tiring them, which makes it easy to sleep comfortably. 

Are you a pet owner planning your next home remodel? We have got you! These are some practical tips that will ensure your little friend stays safe and comfortable throughout the project. Still concerned? Reach out to us; we will hold your hand and provide both you and your pet are at ease during the remodel.