Have you ever heard bathroom remodeling without tiles popping up in the conversation? We’ll wait. The truth is tiles are an element that you will find challenging to cut out of your remodeling plan. There is an endless list of why tiles fit right in the bathroom space. Aside from their appealing feature, tiles are a practical addition to the room, whether you plan to incorporate some light touches or go all out. For years, tiles have dominated as a flooring choice in the bathroom, but as time elapses, so do the remodeling world trends. Tiles are making a change and a big one at that. Here are some of the ways tiles are making their mark in the bathroom revamping department.

1. Floor

Tiling is top-ranked as a flooring material in the bathroom area. Its impenetrable property makes it perfect for a water-prone space like the bathroom. But there is more to tiles as a flooring choice. A wide variety of tiles offer styling opportunities if you want to upscale the bathroom look. There are many patterns and designs you can incorporate to make your space more appealing. We cannot skip how handy tiles can be when you are dealing with small bathroom space. Tiles can give your bathroom a visual illusion of more space, making it feel less cramped.

2. Accents

Printed patterns can have a stunning effect and also add an artistic flash . If you are open to mixing styles, there are limitless possibilities to how you can style with tiles. From geometric to river rock tiles, all these tiles break the barriers of style and design. Your bathroom installer can help you pick out subtle patterns that can blend in your design and eye-catching ones that make a statement. But where to begin? There is only too much designing you can do in the shower, so why not make a line alcove with tiles for a decorative effect. You can tile your vanity top, a rug-like shape in front of your tub, or even across your window sill to give your bathroom that ‘mph. Talk to your remodeler; what are some ideas they can suggest for the tiling?

3. Walls

If you want to go big in your bathroom, tiling your wall is definitely one way to go. And get this! It is affordable too. The tiles’ cost makes it possible for homeowners to tile an entire wall if they want the bold look. If being risqué with your styling is not your emo, you can tile your wall only halfway from the top and add some chair rail at the bottom. Because tiles have a decorative effect on the space, you can cut your decoration budget.

After this article, we only have one question, Have you placed your order for tiles for your remodeling?’ What are you waiting for? Tiles will give your bathroom redesign the kick it needs to become next level. If you have any questions, our bathroom remodelers are waiting on you with ready answers. Receive your quote and work with them to achieve the bathroom facelift you only dreamt of.