Remember when bathroom remodels were all about revamps and unveiling a new look for your bathroom space? Well, times have changed, and bathroom remodels in 2021 mean much more than an aesthetic boost. You heard it right! Bathroom remodels now including the needs of all; no one is getting left behind.

Remodeling is a chance for homeowners to remodel their bathrooms to meet their needs. When you think about it, people with limited mobility, like the elderly, children and disabled people tend to have different needs than those who can easily move around. It, therefore, calls for making changes in the bathroom that align with their needs. How do you do this? You can implement some ideas in your bathroom remodel to streamline the space for individuals with limited mobility. 

1. Add Benches In The Shower

People who have difficulty standing for long due to age or medical reasons have a hard time standing in the shower. Adding some benches in the shower makes it convenient for them as they do not have to stand for a long time; more so, it brings a spa experience to the bathroom space.

2. Grab Bars For Support

With limited mobility, moving around in the bathroom can be challenging; we would go as far as saying dangerous. Slips and falls are more prone to occur. Installing grab bars is an excellent idea to ensure elderly homeowners have support when they get up or even walk around the space. You can have your contractor install them in the shower, tub, and also around the toilet. 

3. Touch Activated Or Lever Faucets

If you want to improve a person’s experience with limited mobility, replacing your ordinary faucet is an excellent place to start. It takes way less effort to operate touch-activated faucets, which is convenient and comfortable for people who have difficulties with their hands like those suffering from arthritis. 

4. Anti-slip Surfaces

Slips and falls in the bathroom spaces of many homeowners are common. The root of these accidents is mainly slippery materials of floors and surfaces. As a preventive measure, talk to the professional remodeler you hire about getting non-slip flooring. More so, you can consider texturizing the floors to make them less slippery. 

5. Bathroom Lighting

A well-lit bathroom is a requirement for any remodel but more so for people with limited mobility. A bright light that casts no shadows will keep the space illuminated, preventing any accidents. You can also take advantage of natural light by installing a skylight to save you a buck on electricity bills. 

6. Raised Toilets

People with limited mobility, in most cases, have some problems with their knees, and low toilets do not make it any easier for them. As part of your bathroom redesign, consider getting raised toilets installed. 

Tweaking your bathroom to make it elderly-friendly is one of the considerations of a successful bathroom remodel. With these ideas, you have a head start on what to add to your bathroom. With the help of a professional remodeler, you can have some of these upgrades installed. Get a detailed quote from our remodeling services and take the first step to a bathroom revamp of your dreams.