Flooring remodels are an extreme sport for every homeowner. From picking the material matching your needs, creating a realistic budget for the project, to hiring the right contractor for the job. For pet owners, however, the stakes are higher because they have to think about their needs and that of their pets. So, how do you have it all?

With the wide range of flooring options in the market, you can find a beautiful floor that fulfills your aesthetic needs and is also pet friendly. It can be confusing to choose from the many options; that is why homeowners should have a factor that points them in the right direction. The following are floor features every pet owner considering when choosing a flooring material for their home remodel.

1. Pet Strain Resilience

There is not much pet owners can do about the hyperactivity and scratching of floor surfaces by their pets other than going for flooring options that are strong and can resist the wear and tear from pets. Floors like ceramic tiles, vinyl, and laminate are highly resistant to pet scratches, making them a pet-friendly choice for your home flooring remodel.

2. Water Resistance

Pets can be clumsy, so liquid spills are something to expect in homes with pets. Water-resistance flooring options like ceramic tiles, natural stone, and vinyl will do well, especially if your pets have loose bladders. However, as a pet owner, make an effort to clean up the spills as soon as they occur. It will help increase the life of your flooring and prevent slip accidents in the home.

2. Stain resistance

Pets tend to knock over many things when they walk, play, and jump around in the house. These accidents cause stains on the floor most of the time, which could be a big worry if your flooring is not resistant to satins. Vinyl and engineered wood are good examples of stain-resistant flooring options that are also easy to clean.

Apart from selecting a flooring material that is resistant to stains, training your pets will reduce the occurrence of accidents.

3. Comfort

Apart from their routine walks, pets spend a lot of time in the home. It is therefore essential to always consider how comfortable the flooring option you are going for is. Some floors are hard and cold, which would not be the coziest if your pet wants to lie down or walk, especially in the cold weather. It is essential to prioritize the comfort of your pet before installing the new floors.

4. Anti-slip Materials

If you have a pet, high traction floors are worth considering when picking flooring for your home remodels. As you look into the comfort, consider safety because not all floorings that feel good are safe. Consult with your floor reinstalling expert about designing the top layer of your flooring with textures. It will significantly help reduce accidents that pets could get from slippery floors.

Now that you know what to look for, narrowing down your flooring list to pet-friendly options should be easy. Both you and your pet can finally be happy with floor remodels fitting your needs. For cost-effective flooring options, you can ask a professional contractor for a quote that best fits your budget.