Decorating as part of the bathroom remodeling has become popular. From repurposed mirrors, new flooring to buying new products for the remodel, homeowners have many options for making their bathrooms clean and sleek. While you ask a professional contracting company to take the remodel’s burden, you can focus on the redecorating. Here are tips to give your bathroom an upscale look with little effort. 

1. Get Your Glam Mirrors

Mirrors are the one element in the bathroom you can never go wrong with. Even when all other decorative fixtures do not speak to you, the mirror is all you need. From vanity mirrors, wooden frame mirrors to antique mirrors, homeowners are still digging the look. 

2. Go Vintage

Remodels are not all about the new and the shiny. Mid-century styles are back like they never left, and we are not mad about it. If you are one for rustic and vintage style, it is time you gave the nod to the past. Metallic sinks, antique dressers, and old fixtures understate what they bring to space beyond style and elegance. 

3. Pattern Play

Wallpaper patterns are were all the rage in the 50s, and let’s just say they are back from the long break. And it gets better; they are waterproof! Homeowners have a choice to make, thanks to the fresh and vibrant wallpaper options at their disposal. Play around with the patterns until you find what works well with your bathroom.

4. Dramatic Lighting

Add lighting to the room and let your bathroom look good as you do it. How? Dramatic lighting fixtures help improve the light in your bathroom and sprinkle some needed drama into space. Get them in different designs and sizes depending on your style and needs.

5. A Touch of Greenery 

What is perfect than a natural green to tie your bathroom together perfectly? Potted plants and mini succulents bring that extra color to your space while keeping things simple. If you are all for the dramatics, trailing vines of your bathroom wall will be more your style. 

6. Get Curtains

Turn your bathroom into an artful focal point with a pair of beautiful curtains. It is an affordable way to add a pop of color and style to your bathroom. Go for the doubled-up curtains instead of the single to balance out space.

Decorative Tiling

We are a long way from the 80’s when bathrooms were all about the white tile flooring. Tiles are refined in color, design, and size, and these may be just what you need to set an intriguing design for your floor.

 Homeowners can implement some of these decorative tips by turning them into DIY projects, while others may need an expert contractor’s skills. Happy decorating, and enjoy your new bathroom look!