We all want to keep our children safe. Anyone responsible for a child’s care can tell you keeping them out of harm’s way is overwhelming. Kids like wandering and playing in the home; thus, when remodeling, it is essential to plan on making your home safer. Remodeling your home is one of the most satisfying home improvement projects but let’s face it, it is no place for kids.

In a perfect world, you may try keeping your kids from the freshly painted walls and sticking out nails, but when the construction site is in your home, you may have to make some changes Exposing your little ones to construction tools, half-done home projects are never safe because they can easily hurt or injure themselves. This guide will expose some of the risks and provide home safety tips to keep the little ones safe during a home remodeling.

1. Test Hazardous Materials

During remodeling, there are a lot of paints and chemicals involved. High VOC paints are hazardous and toxic; therefore, you can try testing them as a preventive measure. Buying test kits to determine the presence of lead and asbestos in your building materials will help avoid exposing your kids to hazardous materials that could damage their health.

2. Add A Barrier

While you can easily lock away items that pose a risk to your children, the case is not simple with the area of remodel. When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, the best way to keep your children out of harm’s way is by sealing out the site. However, since you may need to access the room, you cannot completely seal it off, so a barrier is the next best thing. Baby gates are a great example of barriers that will kids from areas where the remodeling will occur.

3. Create Safe Zones

Apart from the noise, dust and dirt are things to anticipate when taking on a remodeling project. However, the dust can cause respiratory problems when it circulates where your children sleep or play. Hanging sheets of paper to separate the construction area from the rest of the home will contain the dust. You can also seal off the ductwork to prevent the circulation of dirt.

4. Invest In Magnetic Floor Sweeper

When you ask a homeowner to describe an underway remodeling project, they will quickly point out the nails and tools. Nails are dangerous, especially when children have access to them. For your daily clean up get rid of any nails laying around; a magnetic floor sweeper will make clean-up twice as easy for you. It will ensure you reach any nails and metals that can cause accidents and injuries to your children.

5. Cover Electrical Switches

We all know how curious put little ones can be. One minute they play with their favorite toy, the next, they are sticking their fingers in electric sockets. Remodeling takes a toll on homeowners, therefore keeping guard on the children proves challenging. Since shutting down the power is unrealistic, get socket covers. Covering your sockets will stop kids from playing with them, thus preventing any electrical accidents.

Containing your kids during the remodeling is an essential pre-project strategy to consider. This guide offers some tips on how homeowners have managed safety during a remodel. Let our contractor walk you through more strategies and get the remodel of your dreams while keeping your little ones safe.