What are casement windows? They are window designs where one or more hinges attach the window to the frame. They operate by swinging sideways to open or close and are closed tightly using an interior latch. These windows are not only an aesthetic feature, but they also serve several functions in the home. So it does not come as a surprise people consider them for window reinstallation. 

Casement windows are not newcomers in the home improvement market. They have been around since the 18th century. Because of their invaluable features, we do not expect them to go anywhere anytime soon. But what do we know about casement windows?  Before buying them or considering them for installation, there are some things you should know about casement windows.

1. There Variations In Design

You should never feel restricted when it comes to choosing designs for your casement windows because they come in a variety of styles. Take your time shopping and find a style that integrates perfectly with the home’s exterior and interior. 

2. Get The Improved Version 

Casement windows have come a long way from how they used to be. Upgrades have been made to the windows making them more efficient for the home. Modern casement windows are manufactured to be energy-saving and help homeowners conserve energy and cut energy bills. The previous problem that affected the opening and closing of casement windows was fixed in the updated version. When shopping, ensure you ask for the improved version to avoid going back to the store in a few months. 

3. They Offer Clear Views

They bring the outside in with the unobstructed view they offer even when indoors. The room with a view is not just visual appeasement for the homeowners but also more natural lighting and improved ventilation. Any lingering smells in the room will be replaced with fresh air as soon as you open the window. 

4. Security A Notch Higher

Security is something you should never take lightly, more so during window installation. Just like doors, windows are a point of entry, and to prevent any breaks into your home, ensure they are well-sealed from external threats. Casement windows allow freedom to add features like grills that can reinforce the home’s safety. 

5. Get The Measurements Right

Purchasing a replacement window blindly is among the gravest mistakes a homeowner can make. Before jumping into the selection process, you need the exact measurements of the window you want to install. You can inquire with an expert before buying to ensure you get the installation right the first time. 

6. Suitable for Variety of Home Styles

Many homeowners take some time before settling for a window design suitable for their home because finding a window that matches their home style can be an uphill task.  Casement windows marry well with almost every home style, so you do not have to wrack your brain finding a window. All you have to do is choose a casement window of design meeting your preference, and you are good to go. 

Window replacement projects are a win if homeowners go into the process with all information they need. Settling for casement windows means anticipating all the facts mentioned above. As long as you are in the hands of an experienced installer, your replacement should go smoothly. Find our team of experts and receive a quote for the installation process.