To put it simply, yes. Anyone can choose to remodel their hardwood floors, especially when considering cutting the cost of hiring a professional. But the truth is, it is never always that straightforward. Hardwood floors are mostly known for; their beauty, longevity, and cost. While the first two are what cause homeowners to rally behind hardwood floors, the last is what turns most away. Hardwood is not cheap; purchasing the materials and hiring a flooring expert is pricey compared to other floors.

For this reason, homeowners prefer taking on their remodeling projects to reduce the labor costs of a professional. Hardwood is probably the most challenging to get around when it comes to remodeling your floors. It takes skill and precision to get them done right. If you are a homeowner considering going DIY with hardwood flooring, you might want to consider three things.


1. Can You Get The Professional Look? 

The first reason we recommend asking a flooring replacement expert to help with hardwood floors is the results you stand to get in the end. The secret of a successful floor replacement lies not only in the floors you choose but also in how they are installed. Without the required skills, it can be hard to pull off installation; the smoothness of the floors requires carpentry skills to ensure proper sanding.  

2. How Much Time Will It Take? 

Installing hardwood floors takes time. The subfloor prep, board attachment, sanding, and finishing could take days, even with a flooring installer handling it. As a homeowner, determine whether you can dedicate the time required to complete the project. Today, there are prefinished flooring options that allow installation without sealing. This can save you time in some areas; however, you will still need time to work on the other tasks. 

3. How Much Money Will It Save You? 

No doubt, not hiring a flooring expert will cut your remodeling costs. However, you need to consider what you will spend by choosing the DIY route. You may save on the labor costs but still need to get the tools you will need to work; rental tools are much more affordable than buying. The pre-sanded flooring boards meant to be DIY-friendly will cost you more. So while trying to save money, ask yourself, ‘Is what I am saving worth not hiring a professional?’

In Closing 

It takes preparation and time to go the DIY way, but it is not to say it is impossible. Online tutorials which guide homeowners through floor installation and DIY-friendly options that make it easy to take on remodeling have made it much more manageable. However, do not feel pressured; you can still get help. Hiring a qualified flooring expert does not limit your floor choices and guarantees excellent results. So why not? Get a quote and allow us to perfect your floors.