Don’t you think it’s time to trade in your old windows for new energy-efficient ones? Homeowners can now save money installing energy-efficient windows as part of their home remodel. Windows serve your home for reasons more than enhancing the look; they also have functional features.

Aside from home security, windows improve the curb appeal and energy efficiency in the home. More so, energy efficient windows  are manufactured with a particular purpose in mind. How do homeowners know they are buying the right energy efficiency windows? Since these windows are making a comeback, manufacturers have added them to their products list.

While it is an upside for homeowners to have a pool of options to choose from, it is also very confusing. However, this buyers’ guide offers insight into which energy-efficient windows you should purchase for your home remodel.

1. Window Frame Materials

Homeowners who want to save energy in their spaces should ensure their window frame is just as efficient as the window. Quality frames are made from low heat conducting materials.  Materials like wood, vinyl, and fiber are preferable for frames since they minimize the transfer of heat. Windows made from wood frames allow homeowners to explore color options and interior style. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is water-resistant, making it non-susceptible to weather conditions like rain.

2. Glass Panes

Homeowners who are thinking of getting energy-efficient windows for their home remodel should consider double or triple-paned windows. The multiple layering will ensure the air trapped between the panes remains sealed, preventing outside air from entering and inside air from leaving.

3. Glass Fills

Before buying energy-efficient windows, ask whether they were manufactured with glass fills to help insulate energy. Energy-efficient windows should have inert gases filled between the window panes. These gases tend to be denser than air, making them perfect for reducing thermal conductivity. Gas filled panes ensure that homeowners can keep stable temperatures in the home even with the changes outside.

4. Window Spacers

Glass panes will not be enough to save energy, ask your professioanl window installer about the spacers in the panes. Window spacers add the insulation of the pane edges, which improves energy efficiency. Whether homeowners opt for spacers made from non-metal and metal hybrids, they are all efficient for reducing heat transfer.

5. Low-E Glass Rating

Window glass with Low-E coatings are useful for improving the comfort and protection of your home. During colder climates, the coatings will be applied inside; this way, they can reflect inside your house as the harsh UV sun rays are reflected outside the home. They also help significantly cut down the energy costs by at least 10%. As you shop, look for low emission coatings on the glass.

Upgrading your windows to energy-efficient will significantly reduce your energy bills and add to the comfort of your home. However, even the most efficient windows count for nothing if they are not installed correctly during the remodel. Window replacement takes skill; that is why homeowners should hire a professional. Get a quote for our window installation services and save big on the energy bills.