Vanities are a vital bathroom element- just because they fall in the background does not mean they are unnecessary. Right now you’re probably thinking, ‘Here we go again(eye-roll),’ but hold that thought. There are no complex rules when choosing a vanity for your bathroom remodel; however, there are factors to keep in mind if you want to get the best. Do not let your vanity be the reason your dream bathroom revamp is unattainable. Whether you are taking the traditional or modern route, here is the scoop on how to coop the best vanity for your bathroom remodel. 


1. Single vs. Double 

The first question racking every homeowner’s brain when weighing their vanity options is whether to go single or double. There is no right or wrong answer as it all narrows down to preference and needs. Single vanities for instance are compatible with all vanity designs (mounted or not); however, they are ideal for small spaces. On the other hand, double vanities work well with both wall-mounted and freestanding styles. 


2. Material

The bathroom is wet and humid; thus, you want to put much thought into the material of your vanity. Not just for the countertop but also for the base. When choosing your vanity, look at the water resistance, durability, and maintenance of the material used to make it. Laminate and stone work well for the countertop because the materials are made of non-porous material that is not affected when left standing in water too long. When it comes to the base, metal and wood are great options for your bathroom vanity. The hardware and vanity attachments should be made from durable material that will be able to handle what the bathroom throws at it. 


3. Size

Remodeling your bathroom is not just about getting it right visually but also practically. Size is an essential component to keep in mind when selecting your vanity. Walk around the bathroom, visualizing the vanity in the space, but do not stop there. Take out a tape measure and get the measurements. Your bathroom contractor can help you evaluate the size of your vanity against your bathroom and determine what size works best. 


4. Design

Finding a vanity matching your particular style is easily attainable when it comes to design. Thanks to the endless designs floating in the market; freestanding, corner, and wall mounted, it is easy to choose one that marries well with your space. If the stores do not offer anything suitable, you can always ask your bathroom remodeler to create a custom vanity design for you. 


5. Storage

Don’t be led to believe the perfect vanity is all about aesthetics. Thinking about storage when picking out your vanity is paramount. Different vanities come with different sized storage depending on a homeowner’s needs. Busy bathrooms, like the master, require enough storage to house skin care products, toiletries, and other supplies you may want to keep handy in the bathroom. However, you can downsize the storage for a guest bathroom that is not used as much. 


6. Lighting

Just because you have ticked off proper lighting in the bathroom does not mean you slack off when it comes to your vanities. Mostly found at the top of the sink, vanity lighting needs to be purposeful. It should provide enough light to allow you to get ready(makeup application and shaving) properly without casting shadows onyour face. Thus, you should carefully select the lighting fixture and place the lights properly. 

Closing Thoughts 

A well-selected vanity has the benefit of transforming your entire bathroom design. Considering all the factors mentioned above, you should be able to find a suitable vanity to match your bathroom needs. Because a good vanity is only as good as its installation, you should find a bathroom remodeler to take on the task. A qualified contractor will ensure your fitted vanity is done perfectly; we know just the place to find one. Fill out this form with your bathroom details and get your remodel done right.