It’s no secret our economy isn’t in the best spot after this 2020 dumpster fire, and your wallet might be seeing the side effects.
But if you’re thinking of doing a bathroom remodel, then these are the 9 major mistakes to avoid, unless you want to hurt the wallet more.
In fact, as of today, thousands of smart Americans have already avoided these pitfalls and are taking advantage of a new bathroom remodel.
Now it’s your turn to get on board, here’s what to avoid.

1. Doing It Yourself

“If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself” Right?! Wrong!
The problem with this thinking is that you “don’t know, what you don’t know”. And the things you don’t know can hurt you. 
And fixing something is more expensive than doing it right from the start. That’s why we recommend you hire a professional or company that has been doing bathroom remodels for a while, with a proven track record.

2. Not Getting Multiple Quotes

“Ready, Fire! Aim?” Woah there! 
Don’t rush this process. Jumping on the first quote that matches your budget is a bad idea without seeing what else is out there. Just because it’s the first quote does not mean it’s the best one for you!
Make sure to get multiple quotes, then decide.

3. Hiring Family

Brother-In-Law can do it cheaper? Don’t fall for this trap!
Working with family can be good, but more often than not it results in problems. If the job goes good then great! But if the job goes bad (of if there are disagreements) then that can have a strain on your relationship.
Do yourself a favor and don’t hire family!

4. Penny Wise, But Pound Foolish

Ever hear the expression of “stepping over dollars to pick up pennies”?
Be careful where you try to cut costs and save. It may come back and bite you. For example, splurging on materials but trying to save on labor is a bad idea. If the person installing your materials is not skilled then you will waste them.
This goes back to point #1. Hire a professional and follow their advice.

5. Missing Seasonal Deals

In every season there are deals that you can take advantage of. Especially in the end of the year, when there are deals from materials to labor to financing.
Make sure you take advantage of all of them, otherwise you’re just leaving hard earned money on the table. For example, right now, homeowners can claim upto $1,297 in discounts and credits.
(To see what special offers you qualify for, click here)

6. Using The Cheapest Option

“I’m not rich enough to be cheap” – Old Adage
It’s true, sometimes the cheapest option ends up costing you less in the long run. Better to pay the right amount the first time and get a beautiful result instead of saving now, then fixing the problems for years to come.
Use the best option, not the cheapest.

7. Procrastinating

“I’ll get to it later” 
Well that means never. The prices are only going up. And now, during the pandemic, there are so many deals available that it would be wise to take advantage now because when this is over, everything is going up in price.
Take a little step towards your goal today, trust us, you’ll be happy you did.

8. Too Much Research

Information overload. That is a common theme these days. And it’s another form of procrastination!
The plan will never be 100% perfect. In fact, you may want to make a couple changes once you start. The key is to start. And start quickly, that’s how progress is made.
Get 80% of your plan together, then start!

9. Going Trendy

Ever see those old trendy bathrooms from years gone by?
They were trendy for a few years and now all they do is lower the property value. Don’t fall for trendy designs. Stick to tried and true design and you’ll be happy you did once the trend passes.

Less is usually more in this sense. And it’s best to ask a professional remodeler what that means.