Window replacement is an emergency. Most homeowners regard reinstalling new windows as merely part of their home improvement projects; however, it is much more than that. Old windows are a burden to bear. They affect the performance of windows, which defeats the purpose of having them.

Homeowners should ensure their windows are working as supposed to; it is essential to do periodic checks. These are the signs homeowners should be on the lookout when determining whether the time has come to install new windows.

1. Drafts

Do you feel drafts coming through your closed window? There are many reasons for drafty windows; however, they all cause a drastic change in your home temperature. The fluctuating temperatures will result in the HVAC working twice as much to ensure conducive temperatures, which will increase energy consumption.

2. Increase In Energy bills

If you have noticed an unusual increase in energy bills, it is time to consider changing your windows. When your seals no longer work properly, or the gases between the panes do not provide insulation, it will affect your windows’ energy efficiency. Your interior heating and cooling systems will have to compensate for the lost heat, leading to increased energy costs.

3. Increase In Noise

Windows do a good job filtering out these noises, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and views from outside without all the noise from hooting cars, talking by-passers, and even machines. If your windows have not been updated to the modern windows, chances are you are still using the single-pane windows, which are no good at keeping noise levels at a minimum, especially when you live in a busy neighborhood. It’s time to get new windows, preferably the double or triple panes ones. These updated versions are filled with gases like argon between the panes that reduce outdoor noise.

4. Visible Damage

Windows are manufactured to withstand exposure to harsh elements; however, even the best windows will wear. Broken window panes and decaying frames are common damages that tell homeowners it is time to call a professional window installer for an update.

5. Difficulty Operating Windows

Are your windows getting stuck whenever you try to close or open them? Warped windows, shifting foundation, and rotting frames are some of the reasons why your windows are getting jammed. If your windows cannot operate efficiently, this is a clear sign you need to swap them for new ones.

6. Condensation

Frosting between layers of your window means that the seal does not keep moisture. The gases found between the two layers are gone, and your window is no longer energy efficient. Air leaking through the windows results in high energy consumption, which counts as a drawback in any homeowner’s book.

7. Diminished Curb Appeal

Curb appeal sells houses, and if your windows do not complement your home, it’s time for a change. New windows will bring in style and color, which boosts the overall look of your house. Homeowners looking to improve their home’s value or want their space to look good should go for window reinstallation.

Having to check if your windows need replacing from time to time is a small price to pay than living with inefficient windows. The guide above makes it easy for homeowners to point out whether they should call our professional to reinstall windows for their home remodel.